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About CEOExpress Company LLC

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Information has proliferated, jobs have become more competitive and time consuming, so executives have sought ways to make their lives easier. CEOExpress Company LLC addresses the growing demands on professionals and their firms for tools to help them save time and work more productively.

CEOExpress Company LLC was founded in 1998 by Patricia Pomerleau, an authority on how emerging technologies impact the future of Fortune 500 organizations. In January 1999, privately held CEOExpress Company LLC launched its first online desktop, Developed to organize the best resources on the Web for busy executives, now hosts over 1.8 million visits per month. As of mid-2000, CEOExpress Company LLC has expanded its reach on the Internet with the launch of four new sites: WiredCEO, the first wireless portal for executives, as well as JournalistExpress, MDExpress and LawyerExpress. In 2001, LogisticsExpress was launched in partnership with Norbridge, Inc. CLOExpress brings together the best logistics resources on the Internet for busy Chief Logistics Officers and executives. Each of these sites serves as the gateway to the Internet for their respective professional audience.

In March 2001, the Company launched CEOExpressSelectsm, a premium, subscription-based version of CEOExpressSelect is a unique mix of online and offline services shaped exclusively around the needs of the time-starved senior executive. It offers users more functionality, time-saving executive services, special business content, executive forums, and a range of other special features designed exclusively for busy and discerning executives.

The Company’s private-label website service, EnterpriseExpresssm, provides leading organizations, with “instant-on” websites that are fully maintained and hosted on an ASP model. EnterpriseExpresssm saves companies expensive development and maintenance overhead, while ensuring the freshness of their content.

CEOExpress Company has been featured in many of the world’s most influential business magazines including Fortune, Bloomberg, Business Week, Fast Company, Wired and most recently, Forbes, where it was named among the "Best of the Web." WiredCEO has also been noted in Forbes as a leading wireless portal. is designed to be the executive’s interface to the Internet. The site’s peer editor recognizes that executives have precious little time to obtain all the information they require to conduct business. At the same time, much of the information that executives need is available on the Internet. CEOExpress takes all that information, and by employing expert human editors and "mind ergonomics," pares it down to the 20% that is most critical and useful. That information is delivered to the user’s desktop in a clear, easy-to-use format.

The site’s ultimate goal is to be the best executive assistant imaginable, providing a tool that users would have created themselves if they had the time and knowledge of the Internet. CEOExpress filters and organizes the content executives need on the Internet while adding features to the site to make their lives even more streamlined and efficient. Email, stock quotes, headline news and customization are all conveniences users appreciate.

Our Pledge to Our Members
Above all, CEOExpress respects our users’ privacy. The company will never sell or rent personal information to anyone. In addition, CEOExpress is committed to continually improving our sites by listening and responding to our users. We will keep our users ahead of the curve and never let them down.

Management Team

Patricia Pomerleau: Founder & President
A senior executive with a highly successful career in a variety of large integrated health care corporations, Ms. Pomerleau has more than eighteen years experience leading diversified and complex technology and information dependent organizations. Ms. Pomerleau has served as a member of the Board of Directors and Chair of the Compensation Committee of Bradlee's Inc. She currently chairs the Committee on Communications and Information Technology of the Georgetown University Board of Governors.

Ms. Pomerleau holds a B.S. from Georgetown University and an M.S. from Boston University.

John E. Belmonte, Ph.D.: Vice President of Technical Operations
Mr. Belmonte is an accomplished professional from the high tech industry and former entrepreneur with international experience. He has extensive background in Internet/technical operations for start-ups and established companies in various stages of growth.

Mr. Belmonte holds a Ph.D. and B.A. from Boston University.

Board Members

Patricia Pomerleau: Founder and President of CEOExpress Company LLC.

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