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There are two ways to access the new CEOExpress Mobile 2.0:
  1. Access CEO Mobile directly on your mobile device at (You can create a FREE personal CEO Mobile account, and customize the page.)

  2. Access this page at any time using the "Mobile" tab at the top of the CEOExpress homepage on your PC:

Keep reading for more information:

Getting Started

  1. Before you get started, please take a few minutes to watch Patricia’s Quick Demo (on your PC). Make sure your sound is turned on. (Please note: To-Do lists, which are covered in the demo, are available to CEOExpressSelect members only. If you are using a free Mobile account, you will not be able to access this feature.)

  2. Send CEOX to Mobile Device
    Phone #:

    Enter your mobile number and you will receive a text message with a link to the mobile site. Just click on the link and you will go directly to the PDA site on your handheld. Just set as your homepage on your PDA browser and every time you go the web on your handheld, you CEOExpress page will launch. * You can use a standard email address in place of a phone number, if you prefer.

  3. To use CEO Mobile on your handheld device, please go to

  4. Use the "Registration" link at the top of the page to create a FREE personal CEO Mobile account. This will allow you to customize the page and add personal links. (If you are already a CEOExpressSelect member, your user name and password are the same as your CEOExpressSelect login information. If you need your login information, please click here.) For more information about CEOExpressSelect, see "Upgrade to CEOExpressSelect" at the bottom of this page.

  5. Edit your page on your handheld device, OR, you can use the Mobile site to the left to edit your Mobile page – it is fully functional, not a screenshot. This is what CEO Mobile will look like on your handheld device. Use the "Add Mobile Content" and "Add Mobile Tab" links above the Mobile screen to add content. Please be sure to log in to your personal account by clicking the "Sign In" link at the top of the screen to the left. (You can access this page at any time by clicking the "Mobile" tab at the top of the CEOExpress homepage.)

  6. Please be Aware: Caching on handheld devices is very aggressive. If you add a link or make a change to your site and do not see it, please refresh your browser.

    Please Note: A few sites listed on the left will ONLY WORK correctly on your handheld. The NY Times link, for instance, will work fine on your handheld, but on this page it will send you to the regular NY Times.
Access Anywhere

This first phase of the new mobile capability is limited to HTML browser enabled handhelds such as the Treo, Ipac and Blackberry. It will not yet work on WAP phones such as the Motorola Razr. We are planning a WAP version of the site in the near future. (If you aren’t sure what kind of device you have, please simply enter the url into your device, and see if it works.)

In addition to using the site on your handheld device, you can access the page and make changes and additions on your PC, right here. The screen to the left is fully functional, and all changes will be reflected when you access the site on your mobile device.

Help and Feedback

CEO Mobile FAQs

Patricia's Quick Demo

We look forward to hearing your feedback. Please use the Feedback link below to send us any questions, comments or suggestions you have. Your ideas will help us make this the best mobile portal out there. Please be sure to include your device information (the make and model) in your feedback messages. We’d also love your recommendations for mobile sites to be added to the page. Please include the site url, and why you love it.


Known Bugs

Please note that if you use the stock nugget in your “My Stuff” tab, and click on a stock name, you will be taken to a page that is not formatted to be viewed on your handheld device. Clicking the “Back” link on that page will then return you to the “normal” CEOExpress, not CEO Mobile. You will need to manually return to We are working to find a solution to this issue.

Upgrade to CEOExpressSelect

CEOExpressSelect members have access to even more great CEO Mobile features. You can create To-Do lists on CEOExpressSelect, and then access them on the Mobile page. Select members can also add a Mobile tab right to their homepage (on the PC) and access and edit the Mobile site right there.

CEOExpressSelect membership also allows you to fully customize CEOExpress on your PC, including personal tabs and links, an RSS news center, an email account, and more. We even offer a 14-day free trial.

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