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Is legal immigration a positive or negative for the United States?

It's positive and necessary for the economy and our aging society
It's negative because it takes jobs from present middle class Americans
It's more complex, let me explain

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1. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (8/3/2017 8:58:14 AM)
     Message ID #288246

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President Trump on Wednesday endorsed a new bill in the Senate aimed at slashing legal immigration levels in half over a decade, a potentially profound change to policies that have been in place for more than half a century.

Trump appeared with Republican Sens. Tom Cotton (Ark.) and David Perdue (Ga.) at the White House to unveil a modified version of a bill the senators first introduced in February to create a “merit-based” immigration system that would put a greater emphasis on the job skills of foreigners over their ties to family in the United States.

The legislation seeks to reduce the annual distribution of green cards awarding permanent legal residence to just over 500,000 from more than 1 million. Trump promised on the campaign trail to take a harder line on immigration, arguing that the growth in new arrivals had harmed job opportunities for American workers.

The bill would create a point system based on factors such as English ability, education levels and job skills to rank applicants for the 140,000 employment-based green cards distributed annually.

In addition, the senators propose to cap annual refugee admissions at 50,000 and to end a visa diversity lottery that has awarded 50,000 green cards a year, mostly to applicants from African nations.

Supporters say that while some might view the current immigration system as a “symbol of America’s virtue and generosity,” he sees it “as a symbol we’re not committed to working-class Americans and we need to change that.”

However, those who find the legislation an affront to American values say that immigrants are needed to fill jobs Americans won't touch and, as importantly, to bring new generations into to a country that is aging at the rate that is unsustainable. Social security s becoming an inverse funnel. Critics also believe that a merit-based system that prioritizes high-skilled workers would hurt the economy by harming industries that rely on low-skill immigrant labor.

Trump had campaigned on getting rid of illegal immigrants, but said he supported legal immigration. Seemingly, he has now changed his mind. The bill faces dim prospects in the Senate, where Republicans hold a narrow majority and would have difficulty reaching 60 votes to fend off a filibuster. Most republicans in the house and senate do not believe in constraining legal immigration. However, the president’s press event came as the White House sought to move past a major political defeat on repealing the Affordable Care Act by pivoting to issues that resonate with Trump’s core supporters.

From everything coming from Republicans in congress, this bill doesn't have a chance of passing. However, it raises an important issue and discussion.

  • What do you think of immigrants entering the US?
  • What is your family immigration history?
  • How will the US stop the aging problem of the country without immigrants?
  • Will a plan that encourages higher skilled immigrant workers who then take the higher skilled jobs in the US help Middle America?
  • Does a requirement of speaking English BEFORE one enters the country make sense?.
  • Has immigration be a run-away program that has had a net-negative affect on the US?
  • Do legal immigrant increase the crime rate?

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2. D Robb
     (8/3/2017 9:46:42 AM)
     Message ID #288251

This message is in response to Patricia Pomerleau ( message id #288246 )  View All Related Messages

Good topic, Patricia.
Do immigrants come mainly to Blue states because they are welcome, or do Blue states welcome immigrants because their experience with immigrants has been so positive that they see immigrants as a rich opportunity?
I think the answers to the two-part question are: YES and YES.
It is my belief that racism, nativism, and bigotry arise out of ignorance. When you have the opportunity to get to know THEM on a personal basis it is impossible to hold such awful beliefs.
Granted, my wife and I travel because we enjoy learning about the culture, cuisine, and history of others so we approach immigrants differently than many on this forum.
I grew up and went to school in an all-white, suburban community. My father was quite bigoted. A legacy of his rural Vermont upbringing. College and the Army taught me that my father was wrong. We all bleed red, and when you need blood you don’t care what the race or religious beliefs are of the person who donated it are.
The United States was made great by immigration and we need them now more than ever.

3. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 10:14:59 AM)
     Message ID #288252

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The bill will never pass the Senate, but it is a good diversion from the Repubs failure to pass Repeal and Replace.

4. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 10:39:29 AM)
     Message ID #288253

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As your poll intro stated, the bill doesn't have a chance of passing so it's just one more example of Trump's insatiable hunger for ANYTHING where he can get a LEGISLATIVE "Win".

The Wall won't get built AND PAID FOR BY MEXICO; the ACA hasn't (yet at least) been repealed and/or replaced; He hasn't yet introduced his Infrastructure Plan; He hasn't yet introduced his Tax Plan; ...

And until he gets something legislatively passed (from amongst his campaign promises), anything legislatively passed (from amongst his campaign promises), the only thing he has going for him is his mouth which spews more fertilizer than an agricultural manure spreader.

And since the Immigration Plan won't pass, it turns out to be just one more example of how much of a loser he is.

Message edited by user at 8/3/2017 10:59:33 AM

5. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 10:45:40 AM)
     Message ID #288254

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"Legal" Immigration is a positive for the United States just as it at least should be for most countries but that legal immigration also needs to be balanced by proper and well enforced control of ILLEGAL Immigration.

Without a balanced approach to both there's a problem with ANY country's policies on immigration.

6. Michael O'Neill
     (8/3/2017 12:18:50 PM)
     Message ID #288255

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Of course, anything Trump says will be alternative facts. Lies, this is an ugly word says Sarah Huckabee.

7. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 12:33:52 PM)
     Message ID #288256

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It is amazing how many of trump’s alt-right initiatives are counterproductive. His attempt to eliminate DACA program is a good example.

Rarely has any new policy or program made as much sense. Not only does it provide an opportunity for young people to obtain work authorization cards, it also allowed scarce immigration enforcement resources to be focused on those who threaten public safety more efficient.

The program was an immediate success. Hundreds of thousands quickly signed up. All submitted to biometric and biographic background checks. Those that had committed serious crimes were denied and referred to ICE for possible enforcement actions. No taxpayer resources were used in processing these requests — those who sought to participate in the program paid a hefty fee that covered the government’s expenses.

The article is worth reading in its entirety.

8. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 12:39:10 PM)
     Message ID #288257

This message is in response to Tams Bixby ( message id #288253 )  View All Related Messages

You're getting like Robb in failing to distinguish the momentary slice from the finish line.

The Presidential term is four years. The next finish line is November 2020. As much as the Democrats have tried to obstruct - they really have accomplished nothing whatsoever... either in stopping the President - or in offering solutions of their own. In any case, the real test will come when the second shoe falls... when the economy/currency takes the precipitous drop it has been building towards for years. At that point we will see a President under real and legitimate stress. It won't be fun - but I think we have the right guy.

So... instead of jumping up and down with every pitch... let's wait for the inning to end before we note the score - and for the game to end before we declare the winners and losers.

For the moment, Americans are behaving as if this is their first ballgame.

9. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 12:57:17 PM)
     Message ID #288258

This message is in response to Robert Fahrbach ( message id #288257 )  View All Related Messages

Robert, you're in an alternative facts parallel universe. It is not the Democrats that have obstructed trump. It is the Republicans. In case you have forgotten, Republicans have the presidency and majorities in both houses.
trump started with his approvals under water, and he has sunk further since with his voters. For the first time, even a majority of whites without college degrees disapprove of his job performance.

10. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 1:03:28 PM)
     Message ID #288259

This message is in response to Douglas Robb ( message id #288258 )  View All Related Messages

It is neither (and both)... it is the establishment swamp that works for itself instead of Americans.
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