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When a highly visible someone is accused of 'inappropriate conduct,' how should he (or she) respond?

Stand his (or her) ground if innocent, and await the legal process
Resign, retreat, and/or withdraw
Admit if true, and hope to move on
Something else what?

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401. D Robb
     (11/21/2017 8:02:46 AM)
     Message ID #294033

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The women exist and the charges exist, even from trump's wife. What is there not to believe?

402. D James
     (11/21/2017 2:44:39 PM)
     Message ID #294068

This message is in response to D Robb ( message id #294033 )  View All Related Messages

Get your terminology correct . There are no "charges". There are apparently accusations out there. Mrs. Trump (Ivana) NEVER made such accusations. Neither Trump nor Moore are even in league, if all is to be believed (and I don't, but it's not any of My concern), with these perverts, rapists and pedophiles extending (pardon the pun) from Slick Willie, through Anthony Weiner aka Carlos Danger, through Jesse Jackson, Jr., through your former Guvernator Spitzer, through former Rep. Mel Reynolds, through current Sen. Bobbie Menendez, through Rep. John Conyers, through Barney Frank, through Gerry Studds (great name for a homosexual predator, eh), and on to the Weinstein, Charlie rose and TB named later debacle of the varsity left wingers who like to. Wave it in the breeze.

Enjoy your day. I suppose you'll be at the Planned Parenthood chapter serving up a delicious stew and remoulade made from locally sourced proteins. You are quite the Catholic. I doubt even your Pastor could do a thing for you in the Confessional.

403. Noel Meyer
     (11/21/2017 6:42:41 PM)
     Message ID #294083

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Trump now endorses Moore as the 'best candidate' rather than ANY liberal in that position.

So the President would rather have a child molester in the Senate, A REPUBLICAN senator rather than a Democrat who does not molest children.

Charlie Rose (again with ACCUSATIONS) was fired from CBS and PBS yet the puss* grabber after a long wait is now endorsing Moore because Republicans can't get Moore to quit and get off the ticket before the election.

So the Republican control of the Senate has a higher importance than the standards of the standards of the Republican Brand.
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