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Do you think that the Trump Tax plan will help the middle class?

I have no idea

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1. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (11/21/2017 9:19:22 AM)
     Message ID #294037

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So, I would LOVE a tax cut.

What are the three (3) most important things you would fix in the US tax system.

For instance (there are thousands of possibilities, but let me get you started):

  • Inheritance tax.
  • Fewer deductions
  • Higher family credits
  • Lower corporate tax
  • Something else?
  • ........?????

2. D Robb
     (11/21/2017 11:53:12 AM)
     Message ID #294038

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Simplifying the tax code by eliminating deductions which this flawed tax bill tries to do. Increase revenues by raising rates on the richest. Once you have the budget balanced by reducing defense spending, removing the income cap on payroll taxes, and means testing social security, then put a balanced budget amendment in place

3. Noel Meyer
     (11/21/2017 9:57:09 AM)
     Message ID #294043

This message is in response to Patricia Pomerleau ( message id #294037 )  Back To All Messages

Inheritance tax
how would this help the middle class? It would help those with big assets and small cash flows, but are these the middle class living from paycheck to paycheck?

Fewer deductions
Look at the loopholes stimulating special interests. The Rich have lobbyed for ethanol deductions, research costs, investment spending.

Look at the deductions for the middle class - home mortgage interest to spur home ownership, educational deductions to spur the education of the population, there is one line on the normal tax return which gives an added deduction if YOU are over 65 (or if your spouse is also over 65) another line deduction if you are blind attempting to help the elderly and handicapped.

Higher family credits
Why attack healthcare deductions? Why limit 401K deductions? Immigrants with larger families (like Hispanics) would receive more money back than regular Americans who have a lower birth rate.

Lower corporate tax
A famous example against lower rates is General Electric getting a tax credit on billions in profits? Just what is the average corporate tax rate with all the special interest tax loopholes?

Something else?
An HONEST OPEN strategy to tax successful wealth created inside this country while targeting tax credits to encourage spending for savings, home ownership, education, or specific industrial investment.

4. Thomas C CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/21/2017 9:29:08 AM)
     Message ID #294052

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ESI Tax Exclusion

It is unfair, and has made a mess of our healthcare sytem
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