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Do you think it's more effective to be for or against something or someone?

Something else what?

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309. Heiress Jones
     (1/4/2018 2:30:05 PM)
     Message ID #296161

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I know what you posted. You missed the point of my post. I'm certainly not "isolated" in the state of Georgia USA.

You remind me very much of people I know who have no since of geography and modern society who still think the South is still living the days of Gone With the Wind...ever though you insist you are and have been traveling the world.

We're on to you Robb

308. Heiress Jones
     (1/4/2018 2:21:39 PM)
     Message ID #296160

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Oh, BS...I would never claim Trump as my BFF. But like someone said during the campaign....He isn't running for Pope.

I believe it's time America had a cheer leader like Trump. Someone to lift people's confidence in our abilities and values. Not an Obama that goes around the world saying we're sorry we're so sorry...when we've done more to uplift and bring survival benefits to the world.

Also, you can stop acting so self you're so high and mighty above those of differing opinion.

307. Rick T CEOExpressSelect Member
     (1/4/2018 2:18:12 PM)
     Message ID #296159

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If Bannon wasn't being truthful, then why would the Trump lawyers threaten to sue him for violating nondisclosure?

306. Rick T CEOExpressSelect Member
     (1/4/2018 2:14:13 PM)
     Message ID #296158

This message is in response to D Robb ( message id #296155 )  View All Related Messages

They certainly share his ignorance on subjects like climate change, his hatred of the poor and middleclass, xenophobia, intellectually lazy, inability to understand any science....

305. D Robb
     (1/4/2018 1:56:19 PM)
     Message ID #296157

This message is in response to Heiress Jones ( message id #296153 )  View All Related Messages

Actually, I wasn't posting about whether or not you have travelled outside the US. I was posting about the reality that you obviously are very isolated in Georgia now. trump has historic disapprovals as a president. No president has ever been so disliked during his first term in office as trump, and it is only going to get worse. The polls show that a majority of Americans plan to vote for Dems in the coming mid-terms, why? They dislike and disapprove of trump.

304. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (1/4/2018 1:46:14 PM)
     Message ID #296156

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While most of our mysteries will remain so for the foreseeable future... it is no mystery that men have led the world to the place in which it finds itself today.

There is much to criticize.

We also know why the male gender dominated - survival is based on violence and males are genetically advantaged in that environment. We know that white males were the dominant survivors in the western world because the forces that distributed mankind around the globe happened to drop them there.

It seems, also, that they spent a great deal of time seeking alternatives to violence - undermining their own strong suit, as it were. Over time, they created a world based on rules and agreements that raised females and weaker men to a relatively equal status.

How odd - if not suicidal - that females and weak men would use that empowerment to turn against those rules - and against those who built them, and all they they and their rules stood for - to reverse the flow of life and put us back on a path to violence (where they can once again become the spoils of war).

Go figure.

Message edited by user at 1/4/2018 1:54:15 PM

303. D Robb
     (1/4/2018 1:44:12 PM)
     Message ID #296155

This message is in response to Rick T ( message id #296151 )  View All Related Messages

It's hopeless, Rick. No matter how much is revealed about how flawed trump is as a person, they don't care. They like him because he is like them. They share his hate, anger, and feelings of inferiority,

302. Heiress Jones
     (1/4/2018 1:39:36 PM)
     Message ID #296154

This message is in response to Heiress Jones ( message id #296153 )  View All Related Messages

Actually, I love snow. Just not at my house for more than a few days.

Also, once it'a fallen I don't like anyone making foot prints in it so sledding down hill at my house is out of the question.

Ta Ta

301. Heiress Jones
     (1/4/2018 1:35:44 PM)
     Message ID #296153

This message is in response to D Robb ( message id #296150 )  View All Related Messages

Actually, I have traveled many country's in the world. I'm not isolated to Georgia. This is just where I prefer living. The rest of you ground hogs can live where you like while shoveling snow and skidding all over the place.

Best wishes, snow man

300. D Robb
     (1/4/2018 1:32:27 PM)
     Message ID #296152

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trump is easily manipulated by anyone who tells him what he wants to hear. His lawyers held talks with members of Mueller's team a few days before Christmas, a source briefed on the matter told CNN, and are no longer putting specific dates on when they expect the investigation to end. They were deluding the little hands guy with the hope that it would all be wrapped up in 2017. It has a long time to run yet, unless trump resigns and returns to playing golf.
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