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1. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/20/2017 5:39:42 PM)
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Under Clinton, Bush and Obama, Afghanistan has grown from being a minor player in supplying opiates - both legal and illegal - to the United States - to being the largest in the world by a factor of 5.

During that time Opiate abuse by the American people has increased a like amount. To begin, Pharmaceutical Corporations began producing, Healthcare facilities began subscribing, and Insurance Companies began covering wave after wave of these addicting narcotics.

As millions became addicted, the legal channels were closed to the victims and they simply switched to the illegal supplies pouring over our wide open Southern Border.

There are no numbers, but many hundreds of billion in highly profitable opiates are devastating cities, towns and lives in America today. The carnage began after the Soviet's were driven out of the region by American supported Al Qaeda forces. They were curtailed for awhile by the Taliban who banned them... but after 9/11 the US moved in and actually used coalition forces to protect the fields from the Taliban.

Do we see patterns here?

Try suggesting we burn down the Poppy fields and you will find the media suddenly attacking it as a Nazi like conquest by Donald Trump... hence what would otherwise be seen as a completely inappropriate and misguided photo selected for the opening post in this topic makes perfectly good sense.
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