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1. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (9/14/2017 5:32:31 PM)
     Message ID #290462

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Well, as usual I voted "Another Theory". Alas!?!?!?!?!

It's partly about the fact:
  • He's mad @ McConnell and Ryan;
  • He also doesn't particularly care about DACA;
  • He MIGHT BE trying to focus his party and Congress on tax reform but ...; and above all else
  • It's first and foremost all about HIM!; and
  • Secondly he's trying to figure out some way to bring the spotlight back to himself IN A GOOD/POSITIVE WAY.

Apart from one SCOTUS appointment, a bunch of EO's and several Disaster Declarations, what else has he got to show for his pitifully inadequate Presidency????

Closing in on the end of 8 months and there isn't a whole lot he can point to that he can brag about that's any good. He's:
  • Pissed off the Europeans and gotten them very leery of him and his policies;
  • He's got the Asians (SK, JP, NK, CN, etc) mad at him over various and sundry things;
  • He's thinking about trashing the Iran deal which puts us all in jeopardy;
  • He's thinking about trashing NAFTA;
  • He's doing more to divide the country than he's doing to unify it, ...

The only thing he's doing is flailing around trying to figure out some way to bring the spotlight of things back upon himself and to do so in a positive manner IN HIS OWN MIND. It doesn't matter whether or not it turns out to be so in the eyes of anybody else or whether history will judge his accomplishments, or the lack thereof, by the same yardstick he judges himself.
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