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1. Noel Meyer
     (9/14/2017 9:26:08 PM)
     Message ID #290464

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I agree with your post. Good points all.

Just wondering - Is Trump the penultimate Manchurian Candidate?

Trump has created division and eventual destruction of the Republican Party of goals and missions.

Trump has legitimized white supremacy and robber-baron codes of ACCEPTABLE CONDUCT- nepotism - lies - false news - delusions as facts.

Once upon a time, the mere appearance of impropriety was enough for the public to expel those who served the public. Now Trump has made a joke of honor - made of joke of truth and injected hate of all, even his own political party at a time America desperately needs to come together.

Trump is NOT working with Democrats. He is playing with them. Those poor out of power Democrats so desperate to do something with Trump who is so desperate to create a win should be a win-win but is really just a pitiful combination of ignorance and lack of skill on all sides.
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