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     (10/29/2017 2:59:55 PM)
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Nearly 55 years after President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, the government has declassified and released most (many?) of the files that have been sealed these many years. Those remaining under seal reportedly contain references to people still living or classified intelligence methods.

From the BBC, here are a few of what this publication deems "most interesting points so far."

FBI concerned about conspiracy theories
In a memo written the day assassin Lee Harvey Oswald was killed, FBI director J Edgar Hoover expressed concern about the spread of conspiracy theories.

'The thing I am concerned about is having something issued so that we can convince the public that Oswald is the real assassin,' he said.

FBI warned police to protect the killer
Oswald, who shot and killed President Kennedy, was quickly arrested and charged. But two days later Oswald was shot dead in the basement of the Dallas police department by Jack Ruby, a local nightclub owner.

But could more have been done to protect him?

One memo reveals the FBI had warned Dallas police of a death threat made against Oswald.

FBI director J Edgar Hoover said: 'We at once notified the chief of police and he assured us Oswald would be given sufficient protection. However, this was not done.'

RFK's 'Marilyn Monroe suicide plot'
The FBI warned the president's brother, US Attorney General Robert F Kennedy, his alleged affair with Marilyn Monroe would be exposed in a book.

A letter on 7 July 1964 from the bureau to the younger Kennedy said the paperback, The Strange Death of Marilyn Monroe, would allege he had 'an intimate relationship with Miss Monroe'.

According to the FBI, the author would suggest the film star 'was led to believe his intentions were serious' and that RFK had promised to divorce his wife and marry the sex symbol.

But when he refused to do so, Monroe 'threatened to expose their relationship' and ruin his presidential ambitions.

The FBI said the book would allege that RFK took 'drastic action' by plotting to have Monroe killed and make it look like a suicide.

Read more at BBC:

Also at BBC, Questions that won't go away:
While we never may know the full story, are we a few thousand documents closer to it?
  • The official explanation, The Warren Commission Report, concluded both Oswald and Ruby acted alone. No conspiracy. Still believe it?

  • So many people say there was a second shooter. Does the Zapruder film suggest additional operatives or just add more speculation?

  • Other investigations:
      In 1968, a panel of four doctors 'supported the medical conclusions of the Warren Commission;'
      In 1975, the Rockefeller Commission found 'no credible evidence of any CIA involvement;' and,
      In 1979, the House Select Committee on Assassinations largely supported the Warren Commission - but said there was a 'high probability that two gunmen fired at President Kennedy.'

  • If you were alive in 1963, what do you remember about that day and the days that followed?

  • Oswald - a self-proclaimed Marxist - visited the Cuban and Russian embassies in Mexico City in September 1963, two months before President Kennedy was shot. Do you think Oswald had help from government — either the U.S. or a foreign power?

  • Can you think of why "RFK's Marilyn Monroe suicide plot" documents have been under seal in the same boxes with the assassination files?

  • Where do you think the story will go from here?

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