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1. D Robb
     (11/9/2017 6:42:50 AM)
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I normally donate where I volunteer and can best judge the effectiveness of a charity, but even then I check to see how the money is spent, and how much goes to overhead. For example, I volunteer at our local Veteranís Outreach Center but do not donate to the Wounded Warrior Project because so little goes to support veterans. Similarly, I volunteer and donate to our local food pantry, especially around this time of year.
I have been blessed in my life and never needed assistance, but there have been periods early in my marriage when we lived from pay check to pay check so I can appreciate the fear of unexpected financial demands.
During the draft the majority of soldiers were unmarried and lived in the barracks, and all their needs were met by the Army. After the draft was ended the majority of young soldiers were married, and qualified for food stamps.
The country doesn't lack the resources to take care of its own. The country lacks the desire, empathy and will to do so.
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