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1. scott walker
     (11/15/2017 9:18:57 AM)
     Message ID #293614

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Whether innocent or guilty the problem with the Roy Moore accusation is that there is no way to resolve the issue one month before the election. The timing of this makes it impossible to sort through the facts and find the truth. The Washington Post reported that 4 women didnít come forward, the Washington Post found them. This whole thing doesnít smell right. This story was planted and perfectly timed in their hopes to doom Mooreís campaign. We donít know anything more than what the Washington Post has told us. How did the Post even know there were 4 women, who they were, and how to contact them? You donít just hear that, especially since the women didnít know each other. The Post was fed this information by someone, called Mitch McConnell
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