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1. Noel Meyer
     (11/22/2017 6:25:49 AM)
     Message ID #294092

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Trump may support the ACCUSED molester from Alabama and might even go there to campaign for him when every other ACCUSED man has lost his job, his company or his place.

I want to see the states support the massive military spending the Federal Government makes every year by their own contributions once you take away the Federal income tax and then DUMP those taxes on every American at the state level. Imagine Americans in Wyoming crying out 'unfair' when those few pay more to support their state's levy than say a more populous state.

Then its off to the races as states legislate first one after another state law cutting off spending for Medicaid, social security, unemployment, education and you can forget any social safety net spending for Americans, any sort of infrastructure spending and hopefully spending on dumb-azz stuff like Trump's wall.

End the income tax has become the new battle cry of the Republicans as Trump, Moore and Bannon destroy this nation just as 'jail Hillary' was their battle-cry during the Election and beyond.

So ends the Greatest Nation on the face of the planet, because of individual greed and loss of memory of how this nation attained its greatness.
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