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1. M Bathurst
     (12/7/2017 2:40:53 AM)
     Message ID #294844

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Mr. Bixby, you may be correct. However, I suspect you will not be. Your hatred for Pres. Trump is noted. However, it is the vocal minority that is doing most of the yelling.

Regulations are being deleted - correctly. Foreign issues are being dealt with; not always the most elegantly. However, today's decision regarding the capital of Israel is long overdue. The federal courts are getting competent judges. The ACA is slowing being corrected. The markets are soaring. And, if the tax reform comes to be; in particular the corporate provisions - Katy bare the door for the economy.

You may find him distasteful; but, his instincts are solid in most cases. No one is perfect (except for God Robb). Those instincts, contrary to the likes of Robb, Meyer, T and Patricia; are positive for the person known as John Q Public.

And, I think the public is beginning to see the stink that Mr. Mueller and his clan have brought to the FBI and DOJ. AG Sessions needs to start doing his job; or, resign (if the kitchen it too hot for him - get the ef out). I was of the opinion that I thought he would be good at his job. He is proving me wrong on a daily basis.

History will not be kind to Mr. Big Ears and his tribe. However, I think you are wrong in regards to Pres. Trump. History will be tough on him; but, overall, he will come out as a breath of fresh air after 50+ years of Democrats, Socialism, Communism and Progressivism tainting the country.
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