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1. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (12/7/2017 7:56:36 AM)
     Message ID #294850

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Hi M,

And a very fine day to you and yours too. Now on to my response ...

We obviously differ about the status of my suspicions about Old Cheesface etc but as you I believe noted, time will tell the tale.

While I don't necessarily disagree w/ your assessment of the current status of federalism, I do disagree about the methodology being implemented. Yes, I do "find him distasteful" but I disagree about the soundness of his instincts. IMO they're (his instincts) unstable at the best of times in most cases, except for as they reflect upon his own personal interests.

We most certainly disagree where Mueller is concerned. While I too wish it weren't necessary to have him doing his job, I also find it (him doing his job) a most necessary evil. Would that it weren't necessary. WRT Sessions, I agree. He DOES need to "Take a Hike!"

Not quite sure who you are referring to when you talk about "Mr. Big Ears and his tribe". Is that your colloquialism for Old Cheesface???

True enough about history and it's ultimate judgment of DJT but that judgement, harsh or otherwise, is, and will be, of his own doing. While I've never failed to acknowledge that many of the things DJT was saying needed to be done did in fact need to be done, I have never once acknowledged him as the one who needed to do them.

The reasons for my dislike of Old Cheesface are far too numerous and far too onerous to list but leave it to say: No matter what outcome survives his Presidency, I will never, repeat never, consider him "qualified" to have held the office save for the fact he was duly elected (the legitimacy of said election to be determined by other than me but in and by an unbiased and bi-partisan manner).
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