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1. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (12/7/2017 8:51:35 AM)
     Message ID #294853

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Hi Domenick,

I'm not gonna dispute anything you've said as that's pretty much between you and Noel, but I will say the following ...

While Trump may have "simply formally acknowledged what Congress said 20 years ago", it has at the very least caused some of the Arab Mideast to call for a new Intifada (see the link).

Now the questions will quickly become:
  • How many, if any, others in the Arab Mideast will sign on to it?; and
  • Regardless of whether they do or not, then how much new/more bloodshed have his actions caused?

However much occurs, if any, will be on HIS head and hands and regardless of that, I suspect he has done the actual Mideast Peace Process no favors, but I could be wrong. Only time will tell the tale. I just hope he doesn't get us into yet another war: NK looming and now the ME????? Given "Old BoneSpur" never wore "the uniform" he leaves quite a bit to be desired when it comes to Int'l Relations and Military Conflicts. The vast majority of what he has to offer comes from a foul wind in his wake.

The Mideast Peace Process is certainly no easy nut to crack and I'm also no expert on it as that arena is above my paygrade, but at least I'm aware of my limitations. He hasn't got the first clue.


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