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1. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (1/2/2018 12:34:43 PM)
     Message ID #295987

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While I'm very much "Pro" the "First People's" rights and all I'm not sure it makes sense in this case but that's neither here nor there. Getting to a workable solution is where it's at, regardless of what it entails.

And "No" I'm in no particular hurry to flog any dead horses either. If they need to be buried (and they do) then the sooner the better.

The longer DJT is "in charge" the less likely we are to find a solution and that's not helped by the Legislature (both houses) continuing on its' merry way doing as it has been for oh so long.

Thus ... Running DJT out of town and reworking how the Legislature does its' business BOTH need to be made a Top Priority before the situation gets even more out of control than it already is. My preferred solution RE: DJT is Resignation (extremely low, if not negative?, odds though) but I'll accept Impeachment if that's the only way it can be accomplished; WRT the Legislature, it may be a little harder to implement but I think it'd be a far superior one in the long run and that is a "Convention of the States".
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