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1. M Bathurst
     (1/3/2018 4:29:48 PM)
     Message ID #296079

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He likely does not have a case. Hard to develop an case for essentially malicious prosecution. However, it will create a problem for Mueller for a bit of time.

And, is great for the laugh factor.

The interesting event is going be how DOJ/FBI deal with the evidence coming out of the Congressional and IG investigations. The initial indication is trouble is going to be brewing for some folks closely associated with Big Ears and Orange Pantsuit; real crimes; not process crimes.

Personally, I think it is time for Sessions to go. The support for him to recuse himself was extremely weak. Rosenstein is simply a stalking horse for the Left (I know registered Republican - but, still gave Mueller too broad of a scope for the investigation - if Mueller had simply chased the issue - collusion - this donkey show would be over).
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