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Do you think that the Trump Tax plan will help the middle class?

I have no idea

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1. Richard Frontera CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/22/2017 12:21:02 PM)
     Message ID #294108

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Few subjects open:

Tax Reform-Corporate Taxes should be cut (I own no corporations or stock)I have friends who are executives-They spend their time flying to plants being build for their companies in Ireland and in India to mfr items to be sold here-for the tax rate, goes on constantly and it IS a drain.

The personal tax rate changes don't amount much. I do see that the people who pay 80% of the current personal taxes are getting a reduction in tax that is larger % than some lower categories of earning-but even though they are paying 80% of the tax they are not enjoying 80% of the tax cut. This is put out the way it is by the left after many years of reading "How to lie with Statistics"

Having said that-there is no actual justification for ending the Estate Tax (the legacy family farm justification is a hoot-say tax doesn't apply to legacy family farms)
No reason for SS tax to cap out-but if unlimited, higher benefits should also be allowed to those contributing above the current top rate.

In the old movies some girl would accuse some upstanding citizen of being a filthy bastard and it was a he said, she said---until another came along and which point it was pretty clear to the audience that the upstanding citizen actually WAS a filthy bastard. Moore-I am certain is a kid toucher and if he has to stay on the ballot-they should remove him from the Senate if he is elected.

Oh, Christian Conservatives think that Moore is fine--really, they should be mortified that they are his 'base'. The root of all evil is not actually money-it is ANY organized religion. They all 'know' who god wants killed, bullied, shunned or shamed and too many are duty bound to act on this knowledge.

In the same vein I think it is hilarious how Kirsten Gillibrand has been excoriated by the left for bad mouthing the sainted Bill Clinton.
It is settled fact that it is OK with women and feminists everywhere that being molested by Bill is an honor even if you are just a very young woman working for the most powerful man on earth---that isn't sexual harassment-c'mon, it's Bill-get real Kirsten!
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