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1. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/30/2017 8:51:55 AM)
     Message ID #294472

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Canadian Teachers have adopted a new anagram to represent people who prefer sex with everything from furry animals to brass doorknobs. The latest iteration is LGBTQQIP2SAA (and growing).

Why is this crazy?

If I took a moment to simply state the meaning of this nonsense in the long form... I would need not say any more. (You can read for yourself at ).

What actually defines craziness, however, is the explanation for using it in the first place. The justification for such an awkward and berserk indulgence is that it is inclusive!

Uh... in my world 90+% of people are plain, boring heteros. Where is the H? Is it NOT crazy that such a wildly excessive anagram -
expressly and awkwardly fashioned to be the icon for inclusion - actually EXcludes the vast, vast majority of people?

I prefer more simple descriptions of the world. For example... if you don't see this as nutz... you probably need a mirror. The anagram I like to use for inclusion is this... "e v e r y o n e"... and rights, respect and regards apply to all (despite the fact that you will have to forgive my fallible self for laughing my azz off at the things some of these folks do).

But of course... you need only go as far as Mr. Robb to find someone who actually finds that this anagram makes perfect sense - and those who prefer nonsense like 'everyone' are simply outlandish.

2. D Robb
     (11/30/2017 9:01:42 AM)
     Message ID #294473

This message is in response to Robert Fahrbach ( message id #294472 )  Back To All Messages

Robert, you have actively supported the banning and deportation of Muslims and Mexicans. You are NOT an inclusive person. You have boasted of your racism and mysogni. Only in your alternative facts universe are you inclusive. Question, do you believe it when you post it, or, like the bone spur guy you don't believe facts matter
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