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Do you think that the Trump Tax plan will help the middle class?

I have no idea

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1. D Robb
     (11/30/2017 11:46:15 AM)
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Three GOP Senators still have serious concerns about the tax bill: Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine said it “would be very difficult” to support the Senate tax bill unless Congress agrees to preserve an individual deduction for state and local property taxes and passes separate legislation to support the individual health care market. “I am not committed to voting for this bill,” she said during a breakfast session organized by the Christian Science Monitor.
Collins also said she’ll pursue an amendment to enhance the child tax credit -- and pay for the revenue cost by ending the “carried interest” tax break that favors investment managers.
Senators Corker and Toomey of Pennsylvania are negotiating over the trigger concept, according to Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn of Texas. They want some pixie dust to cover them when the bill results in the deficits that virtually all economists are predicting. Some weasel worded provision that there would be legislative action to cancel the tax cuts and revert to the old rates. Of course, they have to be talking about about the temporary individual tax rates since the corporate tax cuts will be permanent.
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