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Do you think that the Trump Tax plan will help the middle class?

I have no idea

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1. Noel Meyer
     (11/30/2017 12:28:29 PM)
     Message ID #294486

This message is in response to Robert Fahrbach ( message id #294482 )  Back To All Messages


"I hope fat Kim is paying attention - though I think he is too close to back off. An impending attack by the US is passing the 50-50 mark. Only the Chinese can stop a military action at this point."

So as Patricia, D Robb and others have pointed out, Trump's INSTABILITY and lack of reality has the nation "passing the 50-50 mark" to war which you mention ONLY the Chinese can stop.

So for the first time in a long while, America is on the brink of war, a war a foreign enemy has control to stop and we don't?

"Our intelligence community has been a disgrace for the last few decades. It wouldn't be hard to slip some major military advances past them"

Robert- in this new global economy, it is hard not to see major military advances, most notable has been in 5th generation jet fighter development and drone technology which Iran and China have profited from due to downed drones used in the Middle East.

Funny thing about satellites, they see everything, but as you mention it takes a brain to make sense of what they see. Air shows, under the guise of entertainment, reveal much about such advances. What is unexpected is that INTENT and NATIONAL/TRIBAL PRIDE are the intelligence 'unknowns' hidden behind the boasting and political rhetoric of crazies.

"If the Chinese don't stop NK"

We recently had a forum on LEADERSHIP so I'm guessing that this lack of American leadership is still one more example of Trump's mental challenges.

2. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/30/2017 12:48:43 PM)
     Message ID #294488

This message is in response to Noel Meyer ( message id #294486 )  Back To All Messages

I understand you see it as a Trump weakness. I see it as a Trump strength. But I don't care much about your personal take - or mine... I just think there are some interesting surprises that may be in store for us all.

This may come as a surprise to you Noel... but the greatest leader in the world isn't going to reach agreement with a belligerent that doesn't want one. (or a belligerent political party for that matter).

I will consider your suggestion (and Robb's) that Trump has mental challenges - because I am forced to admit that both of you have vast personal experience with that particular malady.

3. Rick T CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/30/2017 1:47:45 PM)
     Message ID #294494

This message is in response to Robert Fahrbach ( message id #294488 )  Back To All Messages

Interesting as in war with NK, a crashed economy, a third world infrastructure coupled with exploding debt, widening of the wealth gap, poor uneducated unhealthy people as far as the eye can see and a uber-wealthy class that owes its allegiance only to themselves?

Define interesting?
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