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Do you think it's more effective to be for or against something or someone?

Something else ó what?

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1. D Robb
     (12/30/2017 8:20:56 AM)
     Message ID #295852

This message is in response to Patricia Pomerleau ( message id #295051 )  Back To All Messages

There's no question in my mind. Opposition shows division and we are much stronger united, together. Abortion is an example. If we all worked together to reduce the need for abortion we could accomplish something. Cutting the social safety net, reducing access to contraception makes the problem worse. Together we stand.

2. Thomas C CEOExpressSelect Member
     (12/30/2017 8:36:42 AM)
     Message ID #295854

This message is in response to D Robb ( message id #295852 )  Back To All Messages

Robb, a perfect example of what I am talking about...100% emotion.

Making strategic decisions does not mean one lacks empathy, in fact in most cases it demonstrates a core of values. Tactical thinking is short term, you can never put all the fires out. Strategic thinking is preventing the fire.

3. D Robb
     (12/30/2017 8:47:19 AM)
     Message ID #295855

This message is in response to Thomas C ( message id #295854 )  Back To All Messages

Please explain the Ďlogicí in trumpís foreign policy. What does the US gain withdrawing from international agreements and isolating itself? What did the US gain by vowing to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, and having the entire Security Council vote against the US? What does the US gain when the bone spur guy acts like a school yard bully against NK instead of being calm and logical? Explain the logic of the border wall? Walls donít work and the Texas representatives with districts along the border donít want it. I have never heard trump described as logical. He is all emotion, and divisive.
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