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Do you think it's more effective to be for or against something or someone?

Something else what?

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1. D Robb
     (12/30/2017 5:33:52 PM)
     Message ID #295889

This message is in response to Robert Fahrbach ( message id #295887 )  Back To All Messages

How so? I merely pointed out that every poll has trump underwater. Everyone of your polls show that the bone spur guy's disapprovals are higher than his approvals. That is a FACT. The only thing lower than trump's approvals are the GOP's approvals and whale feces at the bottom of the Marianas Trench.
Nobody expects trump's approvals to get above water. He is heading into the mid-terms like a ball and chain on the GOP.

2. Michael O'Neill
     (12/30/2017 5:44:46 PM)
     Message ID #295892

This message is in response to D Robb ( message id #295889 )  Back To All Messages

The remarkable thing about Trump's rotten approval rating is it is occurring at a time when the economy is doing fairly well. It used to be "The economy, stupid" but Trump is such a horror of a human being even a strong economy can't make people like him. And all the stretching Trump is doing trying to convince people they like him, they really really like him when they can't stand him has got to be pulling muscles on his 300 pound frame. As far as Trump playing chess, I'll bet he would lose at tic-tac-toe. China and Russia are out-maneuvering him so badly right now he doesn't even know what is hitting him

3. D Robb
     (12/30/2017 5:59:46 PM)
     Message ID #295893

This message is in response to Michael O'Neill ( message id #295892 )  Back To All Messages

Agreed. I find it ironic that the trumpites are so desperate to pretend he is doing well that they want to compare his dismal record to that of President Obama.
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