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Do you think it's more effective to be for or against something or someone?

Something else what?

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1. Thomas C CEOExpressSelect Member
     (12/31/2017 2:46:23 PM)
     Message ID #295915

This message is in response to Tams Bixby ( message id #295912 )  Back To All Messages

Maybe we could review what didn't happen under this President as predicted by the hysteria critics.

Krugman: the stock market will sell off and never recover, plunging the country into an irreversible recession.

WWIII did not commence, nor did he "push the button" as HRC predicted. He didn't toss 11 million illegals out of the US, he didn't eliminate equality status for women, abortion is still legal. So is gay marriage.

He did not rip up the Iran nuclear deal, and he did not start a trade war. Nor did he reinstate the use of torture.

Yet the MSM constantly chimes right in.

The newest predictions are "13 million will lose their healthcare" -Sanders, Warren, Pelosi, Schumer. Which is a bit odd as Obama exchanges are only 9-10 million souls, and the Individual Mandate is in effect until 1/1/19.

And here's the whopper, This Tax Bill will be Armageddon!

No wonder the Dems are all "shook up" as that dude from Memphis once said.

Meanwhile consumer confidence is at a 17 year high, 14 US states have their lowest unemployment rate in 40 years, and all the Poll watchers fret!

2016 was a bad year for the Liberals. 2017 was much worst.

Look on the bright side, it can't get any worst, Can it?

Oh yeah, their "smoking gun" is now a drunk Aussie in a British bar.

Ever drink with those jolly folks over there?? More leaks.

2. D Robb
     (12/31/2017 4:00:47 PM)
     Message ID #295917

This message is in response to Thomas C ( message id #295915 )  Back To All Messages

Good try, Thomas. When you have the most disliked and least successful president ever, you need to dredge up some alternative facts to distract and dissemble. Good try.

3. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (12/31/2017 3:13:07 PM)
     Message ID #295920

This message is in response to Thomas C ( message id #295915 )  Back To All Messages


First off, while I don't consider myself one of the "hysteria critics" of which you refer, I do hold great suspicion toward and about DJT.

Yes, while I've long agreed many of the things he campaigned saying needed doing DO indeed need doing; I've never once agreed he was the one to implement same.

As for whether or not any of your points will or won't come to pass, there's yet sufficient time left to see ... so take a powder, sit back, and watch as I am doing. There's still time.

And JFTR, while I have indeed had a drink (or three or four) w/ some of those guys and gals FROM down under, I have sadly never yet had the pleasure of having any w/ them WHILE down under as it were. Tried to get there when I was in the Navy (early 70's) but was never able to swing the leave while I was in Japan as the cost of the (round trip) plane ticket from stateside at the time was too high. All that said though, they're great people! (and they can certainly handle their suds)
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