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Do you think it's more effective to be for or against something or someone?

Something else what?

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1. Thomas C CEOExpressSelect Member
     (1/2/2018 7:32:16 AM)
     Message ID #295966

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Interesting read in NYT from addicts viewpoint, rehabs gone wild.

Despite '08 change in law to include addiction in mental health benefits, and further reinforcement by Obamacare, addition deaths are at an all time high.

Prescribed pain killers flow freely from providers, as a less expensive alternative illicit drugs such as heroin, fentanyl, and meth flow freely across the border, and they are affordable, even for a non-functioning addict. There are miles and miles of small town border crossing not far from where you live, locals freely pass daily, it's simply 'business"

The real bulk crosses the Mexican border

It is now the leading cause of accidental death in the US. Mostly male under the age of 35.

"Treatment" will not curtail the demand. Cutting the supply will as the price goes up.
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