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Did you know you can run searches through CEOExpress Multi-Search by simply entering the correct commands? The list below has all of the commands you can use with CEOExpress Multi-Search. Just clicking on a command will automatically place it in the search box. (note: the command will take priority and ignore anything you have selected previously in the dropdown menus.) Keep checking back as commands will be added regularly!

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Business Research | Reference and Search | Tools and Tracking | Home and Entertainment

Business Research    Back to top
sq;Look up a Stock Quote on Yahoo Quotes. ex. sq;twx
business;Search ex. business;microsoft
bizwire;Search Bizwire. ex. bizwire;aol
news;Search for technology news
areports;Search Annual Reports. ex. areports;aol
mck;Search McKinsey Quarterly articles on CEOExpress. ex. mck;xml
wpapers;Search White Papers
b20;Search Business 2.0. ex. b20;aol
bw;Search Business Week. ex. bw;microsoft
fcompany;Search Fast Company
forbes;Search Business Magazine
fortune;Search Fortune Business Magazine
bresearch;Search Brint Research. ex. bresearch;aol
emarket;Search EMarket for business reports, charts and articles by keyword
know;Search for marketing research and information by keyword.
patents;Find patent information. ex. patents;slinky
sec;Search the SEC EDGAR database by company name or ticker.
wayback;Visit archived versions of Web sites dating back to 1996. ex. wayback;
domain;Look up domain names on Network Solutions. ex. domain;
whois;Search Whois for domain name info. ex. whois; (do not start with 'www')

Reference and Search    Back to top
ask;Search Ask Jeeves. ex. ask;platypus
atw;Search AllTheWeb. ex. atw;platypus
clusty;Search Clusty Clustered Search (similiar to CEOExpress Search)
dp;Search Dog Pile
msn;Use then MSN Search Engine
teoma;Search Teoma
viv;Search Vivisimo. ex. viv;platypus
yahoo;Search Yahoo
wiki;Search Wikipedia for topics, people and more. ex. wiki;Abraham Lincoln
yr;Search Yahoo Reference
ceo;CEOExpress Site Search
google;Search Google
gd;Search Google Directory
gg;Search Google Groups
gi;Search Google Images
gn;Search Google News
ppt;Search Google for Powerpoint files.
pdf;Search Google for Adobe Acrobat files.
doc;Search Google for MS Word files.
xls;Search Google for MS Excel files.
froogle;Search Froogle, Googles product search engine. ex. froogle;ibm
bio;Search ex. bio;Jimmy Carter
britannica;Search ex. britannica;mars
buzz;Search ResearchBuzz. ex. buzz;google
hb;Search Highbeam
rd;Search RefDesk
gov;Search FirstGov ex. gov;George Washington
snopes;Search for to find out what is true and what is an urban legend. ex. snopes;Fizzer Virus. Try snopes;random to look up a random urban legend.
stateinfo;Get general information about a state such as population from ex. stateinfo;ca or stateinfo;california
weather;Look up a weather report by location. ex. weather;02210 or weather;boston,ma
webopedia;Search Webopedia for technology terms. ex. webopedia;ram
url;Simply go to any URL. ex. url;
answer;Search for a particular topic. Ex. answer;war of 1812
acronym;Find an Acronym. ex. acronym;asap
define;Get definition from Merriam Webster. ex. define;ubiquitous
fa;Find articles at
hd;Search HyperDic Dictionary for definitions
mp;Meta Search for articles on MagPortal in online magazines by keyword. ex. mp;knowledge management
news;Search for technology news
rhyme;Search Rhymezone for rhyming words. ex. rhyme;door
thesaurus;Run a word through a thesaurus

Tools and Tracking    Back to top
acode;Find area code by location or location by area code. ex. acode;617 or acode;boston,ma
currency;Enter currency value followed by two currency codes separated by a comma. ex. currency;10 cad,usd
f800;Look up 800 number. ex. f800;Nabisco
lnews;Look up Local News. ex lnews;02210
tz;Look up a time zone by city, state, or country (or just about anything else). ex. tz;hong kong
wp;Search Yahoo White Pages. first,last,city,state, or last,city,state, or last,state. Ex. wp;john,doe,boston,ma
yp;Search Anywho Yellow Pages. business,city,state or business,state. Ex. yp;holiday inn,boston,ma
zcode;Find location by zipcode or zipcode by location. ex. zcode;02210 or zcode;boston,ma
dir;Get Driving directions from Mapquest. ex. dir;address1,city1,state1;address2,city2,state2
flight;Flight Tracker. Enter airline code followed by flight number. ex. flight;UAL743
map;Get a map based on location from Mapquest. ex. map;02210 or map;boston,ma
tail;Find plane tail or N number. ex. tail;158E
vin;Lookup your car VIN # on
download;Search for software. ex. download;Internet Explorer
ep;Search Epinions. ex. ep;Dell Inspiron
msi;Find clipart and media on the Microsoft Media Library. Great for word and powerpoint presentations.
mso;Get tips on Microsoft Office. ex. mso;powerpoint templates
dhl;Track DHL Packages. ex. airborne;434354
fedex;Track Fedex Packages. ex. fedex;432432,5454343
ups;Track UPS packages. ex. ups;543543,453543,543543

Home and Entertainment    Back to top
amazon;Search Amazon. ex. amazon;pearl jam
bn;Search Barnes & Noble
ebay;Find items on Ebay. ex. ebay;antique lamp
mdb;Search the Internet Movie Database for movies, tv shows or actors. ex. mdb;back to the future
mlist;Get a movie listing by zipcode or city and state. ex. mlist;02210 or mlist;boston,ma
mrqe;Find Movie Reviews. ex. mrqe;lord of the rings
tvlist;Get TV listings. Enter a zipcode to start. ex. tvlist;02210
espn;Search ESPN. ex. espn;Boston Red Sox
name;Get the meaning of a first name. ex. name;Finnegan
pg;Search Project Gutenberg by Author. ex. pg;poe
recall;Get info on car recalls. format: year,make,model. ex. recall;2003,honda,civic
rest;Find Restaurant by zipcode. Ex. rest;02210
recipe;Find a Recipe on Epicurious. ex. recipe;cheesecake
health;Search Healthfinder for medical reference and news, drug information, and more by keyword.
rx;Find side effects and interaction, prescribing and patient education information. ex. rx;paxil
webmd;Search for medical reference and news, drug information, and more by keyword.
cs;Search CEOExpress Corner Sites. CEOExpressSelect Members only. Can't think of a site to go to? Try cs;random