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Do you think Twitter is a good medium for presidential communication?

I have a different take

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827. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 7:52:34 AM)
     Message ID #288239

This message is in response to Michael O'Neill ( message id #288238 )  View All Related Messages

Facts, Michael? How foolish of you. Victor doesn't want to admit that he voted for trump because of his and trump's misogyny and bigotry. He has to have another excuse, and you just shot it down.
Just be satisfied that Victor has come to his senses and realizes that trump is well on his way to go down in history as the worst president ever.

826. Michael O'Neill
     (8/3/2017 7:24:38 AM)
     Message ID #288238

This message is in response to Victor Lee ( message id #288236 )  View All Related Messages

If you think about it, the Clintons didn't even own a house when they left the White House and were $6 million dollars in debt. Worst moneygrubbers I ever saw.

825. Michael O'Neill
     (8/3/2017 7:22:17 AM)
     Message ID #288237

This message is in response to Scott Walker ( message id #288231 )  View All Related Messages

The irony is that this proposed policy would have kept Melania out had it been it place when she came in, although it is all but certain now she was here illegally.

824. Victor Lee
     (8/3/2017 6:42:38 AM)
     Message ID #288236

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America was for "SALE" under the conscience-less money-grubbing Clintons. So I voted for Trump to get rid of them and the Dems.

Having voted for "the lesser of two evils", the greatest evil is now that lesser evil.

May he simply have a money-grubbing heart attack.

823. Rick T CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 12:38:37 AM)
     Message ID #288235

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I still can't help wonder why exactly Donald Trump is so concerned about the sensibilities of Putin?

Can you say Manchurian president?

822. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/2/2017 7:33:22 PM)
     Message ID #288234

This message is in response to Patricia Pomerleau ( message id #288232 )  View All Related Messages

The world has come to accept the reality that trump cannot distinguish truth from falsehood, reality from alternative facts, but it now appears that being a member of his administration requires his spokespeople to also constantly lie.

821. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (8/2/2017 6:51:20 PM)
     Message ID #288233

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The State Dept under Trump and Tillerson is not implementing programs to fight ISIS.

Congress is not happy. Everything that might even skirt Russia is rebuked by this administration. Only points to guilt. Why is Trump so solicitous to the ex-KGB chief Putin? Don't think too hard.

Tillerson spurns $80 million to counter ISIS, Russian propaganda
The secretary of state won’t tap funding approved by Congress, angering officials.

820. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (8/2/2017 6:47:08 PM)
     Message ID #288232

This message is in response to Scott Walker ( message id #288231 )  View All Related Messages

Oops, new Quinnipiac poll shows Trump approval at a new low of 33%. Interestingly, white working class men now have more with a negative view of Trump than a positive view. Trump's numbers declined more among Republicans than they did among Democrats.

A majority of voters also say they disapprove of Trump's performance on the economy, foreign policy, immigration, and health care. Voters are roughly split on his handling of terrorism, with 46% expressing approval and 47% expressing disapproval.

Trump's numbers are also historically weak for a president this far into his term. Six months in, Trump has the worst approval rating of any president since modern polling began.

Here is the detail of the poll:

819. Scott Walker
     (8/2/2017 6:18:27 PM)
     Message ID #288231

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This is great!
Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (“RAISE”) Act sounds like it will slow down the free loaders of our taxes, ya.

Reduces poverty, save taxes, no more low scale immigration, minority workers can stop competing with illegal, ends chain migration, no more racist statements,
, and replaces are green card system and replace with, applicants speak English, prevent new illegal migrants from collecting welfare, plus it is supported by the constitution. America low income workers will get a pay raise, because it reduces low scale immigration, the legislation demonstrates America desire to help low and middle works. This s s a outstanding prosposal, very important.

818. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/2/2017 5:24:21 PM)
     Message ID #288230

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