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Do you think Twitter is a good medium for presidential communication?

I have a different take

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1. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (7/17/2017 11:21:39 AM)
     Message ID #287396

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President Trump uses Twitter almost every day, to the point where it can be head-spinning. Trump sees Twitter as a communication force and weapon. However, others, including most congressional republicans, see Trump's ongoing Twitter rants as taking his eye off the ball of what is best of the country and being more about Trump's personal agenda than about the party and the country. Lately, many of his tweets on the official POTUS account have been defending his family members.

On the flip side, his supporters see Trump's Twitter use as a good tool of getting directly to his followers.

Back at the White House, all live press conferences have been shelved and only audio is available after the meeting. Trump has not held a press conference in five months.

  • 1) Do you think that Trump can communicate by Twitter alone?
  • 2) Does Twitter have more positives or negatives for Trump's reelection in 2020?
  • 3) Do you think cancelling the live daily briefings that have been the norm of the WH for decades is a good thing or a bad thing.

The president has a 36% approval rating in the latest polls, the worse in 70 years for presidents. Subsequent to this poll being published the president tweeted that "almost 40%" its not a bad number and that ABC/WAPO results for the election were off, so why should anyone believe their numbers now.

Well, because the ABC/WAPO polls have been pretty on target. The president's tweet, rather than correcting the facts, drew attention to his making up facts for his personal benefit again. Today, the news trashed his statements and brought more attention to his low ratings.

  • ABC/WAPO before election *general vote*: Clinton 47%/Trump 43%.
  • ABC/WAPO after Election results: Clinton 48%/Trump 46%.)

Do you think the president should tweet less and work with congress more on the Republican agenda? OR do you think that Twitter is a valuable tool for the president to talk directly to his loyal constituents? Do you think that talking only to his hard core following will give him a chance at reelection in 2020?

Do YOU use Twitter? If so, how do you use it?

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2. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (7/17/2017 12:07:43 PM)
     Message ID #287397

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I don't use Twitter. I have an account, but I have never found it a compelling medium.

I think that the POTUS account has a purpose. However, I have been distressed at this president's POTUS account being used for personal vendettas and family defenses.

I believe Twitter can be used for good and used for manipulation and personal agendas.

3. D Robb
     (7/17/2017 12:17:22 PM)
     Message ID #287398

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His Tweets are an unfiltered look at his mind, and that is frightening. We expect our presidents to measure two or three times before cutting. Our over sugared toddler president is incapable of that. The reason they have dropped daily press briefings is even his staff is left clueless by his behavior

4. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (7/17/2017 1:25:33 PM)
     Message ID #287399

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With Trump's rampant disregard for "Good Order & Discipline" in the daily conduct of his presidency it wouldn't and won't surprise me in the least that Congress (and perhaps "We, The People" demand some changes to the laws of the country and maybe even Constitutional changes/amendments covering just such behavior in the near future albeit it may not materialize until after Trump leaves office (either voluntarily or otherwise).

And by "Disregard for "Good Order & Discipline"" I mean the following:
  • His Use of Twitter as a Regular Method of Communicating Government Policy (and his own positions on issues as well);
  • His Lack of Transparency;
  • His Failure to Hold Regular Press Briefings (and not just audio after the fact) (A Blatant Disregard for the First Amendment);
  • His Blatant Conflict of Interest (by visiting his properties to enhance the value of Trump Properties);
  • His Failure to Transfer His Trump Properties and Other Investments into a Blind Trust while in office;
  • His Blatant and Continual Disregard For the Truth (i.e. His Perpetual Pathological Lying);
  • Etc. Etc.

Message edited by user at 7/17/2017 3:41:44 PM

5. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (7/17/2017 1:33:26 PM)
     Message ID #287400

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trump maybe tweeting up a storm about the fake media’s treatment of junior. Luckily, trump has the real media. National Enquirer has a steely-eyed trump on the front cover and promises that he will be as successful with North Korea as that conservative icon, JFK, was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. You have to love it!

6. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (7/17/2017 1:34:35 PM)
     Message ID #287401

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Oh, and "Do I Use Twitter???"

Not only NO! but Hell NO! I don't even have an account.

Message edited by user at 7/17/2017 1:35:41 PM

7. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (7/17/2017 1:48:57 PM)
     Message ID #287402

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It appears that you can tell a trump supporter by his/her attitude toward his Tweets, but not 100% because even some trump supporters appear to think they are inappropriate.
A Washington Post/ABC News survey released on Monday found that 68 percent view Trump’s tweets as “inappropriate,” 65 percent say they’re “insulting,” and 52 percent find them “dangerous.” Although 41 percent say the president’s tweets are “interesting,” just 21 percent find them “refreshing.”

8. Scott L CEOExpressSelect Member
     (7/17/2017 1:55:00 PM)
     Message ID #287403

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If used properly (not as Trump mostly uses it) it could be a very effective method to communicate to people what your administration e.g. wants to do/status of things in progress/has done.

If you think it inappropriate, how else would you suggest a non-leftist president bypass the propaganda machine that passes for journalism today?

9. Douglas Robb
     (7/17/2017 2:07:15 PM)
     Message ID #287404

This message is in response to Scott L ( message id #287403 )  View All Related Messages

The President has the "Bully Pulpit" so he can call a press conference or have an evening address to the nation without even interacting with the press. It is not the press that causes trump problems. It is trump.
He constantly stomps all over his administration's message. Even his Press Secretary doesn't know what he means and is not kept in the loop.

10. John Norman CEOExpressSelect Member
     (7/17/2017 2:59:43 PM)
     Message ID #287405

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No but have a fake president so its not really happened yet
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