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What do you think about building a Mexico border wall?

It's important for illegal immigration and should be built
It's a joke. There are many more effective ways of stopping illegal crossings
Mexico is going to pay for it, so why not?
I have a more expansive view of this matter

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1. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (8/24/2017 7:30:34 PM)
     Message ID #289454

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So, the border wall is raising its head again after the Trump political rally in Arizona where he try to whip his followers into a frenzy with promises that sounded like his campaign tour. But, what was missing? Well....the screams were missing: "Who is going to PAY for the WALL?" Answer "MEXICO is going to PAY for the WALL" Nope, no calls. Trump said congress was going to approve money to build the wall. He even threatened to shut down the government for spite.

Humm, seems Mexico said to "stuff it" and Trump on his call with the President Nieto of Mexico agreed that it was his lowest priority, but that he needed Neito to stop saying he wouldn't pay for it because he couldn't tell his supporters that it was a no-go, since it was the cornerstone of his campaign.

Massive Walls work pretty well in Israel, but there are thousand of Israli military at the border to augment the wall. Not a fiscally sensible operation, but Israel it's about life and death, not a belief that Palestinians take way jobs from Israelis.

So, Mexico isn't going to pay "for the f*cking wall", and the US Congress is not going to spend money on a wall they don't believe in simply to support the president's campaign promise.

What do you think? What is the best way to deal with illegal immigrants?

  • A wall?
  • Technology innovations?
  • Military?
  • Better training of border agents?
  • Working more effectively with Mexico?
  • Something else?


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2. Steven Ringgenberg
     (8/24/2017 8:29:57 PM)
     Message ID #289455

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It's a ridiculous idea. First, it wouldn't work to keep out illegals. Second, it's a colossal waste of money that would be better spent on more crucial infrastructure needs, such as repairing crumbling bridges, damaged roadways, aging water pipes, etc. Instead, we should work with the Mexican government by lessening the flood of illegal immigrants by creating co-ventures that would create more jobs in Mexico so that Mexicans would stay home.

3. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (8/24/2017 9:16:41 PM)
     Message ID #289456

This message is in response to Steven Ringgenberg ( message id #289455 )  View All Related Messages

However, Steven, Trump made this the center point of his campaign (albeit with "Mexico paying for it") and he seems to be willing to create a government shut down so that he can keep his base.

Not very presidential, but very Trump.

4. D Robb
     (8/24/2017 10:15:48 PM)
     Message ID #289457

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The problem is not illegal immigrants. It's drugs. You aren't going to solve that with a useless 20 billion dollar wall. You solve it by decriminalizing drugs. You also need to provide a path to citizenship for the undocumented. Oh, an dump trump

5. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/25/2017 1:20:30 AM)
     Message ID #289458

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'Fait accompli'

6. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/25/2017 8:20:21 AM)
     Message ID #289459

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Another promise discarded. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Thursday refused to answer whether the Velveeta Raccoon has backed off his demand that Mexico pay for a border wall, and appeared to get frustrated as reporters repeatedly pressed the issue. After the election trump tried to get the Mexican president to stop saying that Mexico wouldn’t pay for the wall, and became frustrated when he wouldn’t. trump admitted then that the wall was not important to him, but was to his base. trump is such a huge fraud.

Message edited by user at 8/25/2017 8:21:56 AM

7. scott walker
     (8/25/2017 8:39:42 AM)
     Message ID #289460

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What do you think about building a Mexico border wall?
It's important for stopping illegal immigration MS-13 drug – the wall should be built
Americans like Grant Ronnebeck, who was fatally shot by an illegal alien robbing a convenience store in Mesa, Arizona, in 2015, and Kate Steinle, who was killed by an illegal immigrant who had been deported five times and hid out in sanctuary CA should be alive today.
Build the Wall

8. Michael O'Neill
     (8/25/2017 8:56:19 AM)
     Message ID #289461

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As I said, it's just President Hindenburg and his voter's phallic symbol. There was a heavily fortified wall in Berlin , somehow people crossed it.

9. scott walker
     (8/25/2017 8:56:39 AM)
     Message ID #289462

This message is in response to scott walker ( message id #289460 )  View All Related Messages

Border Patrol videos show it difficult to stop 1000 illegals running across the border, they catch a few but most get through, and cause extreme damage and cost to all American towns. It’s easer to catch the illegals crawling over a wall or throwing drugs over a wall than to catch them in the open. It is safer for the Border Agent and less likely to be killed by drug smuggler.
Yes, Build the wall; the cost is a savings, and is much less then what America is already spending on the existing illegals in America.

10. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/25/2017 9:04:43 AM)
     Message ID #289463

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Change of subject. It appears that the rumors of cyber hacking causing the Navy ship collisions is just that. The explanation is much more mundane. It appears that the US 7th Fleet is undergoing what the Army and Marines went through at the height of Iraq and Afghanistan when some troops were only getting 10 months between deployments. The 7th Fleet has double the time at sea on station of the other fleets so training and maintenance is suffering. The Navy ships are also designed to be stealthy so that makes them difficult for commercial vessels to see them.
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