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Since 'fake news' has become an (inter)national problem, should journalists be licensed?

Here's another thought ...

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11. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/2/2017 8:43:16 AM)
     Message ID #292832

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"The solution to “fake news” is education, and an understanding that all newspapers have a bias of some kind."

While in theory you are correct, you can't "educate stupid" and rid the world of "fake news". People are only going to "educate" themselves IF THEY THEMSELVES SEE THAT EDUCATION AS BENEFITING THEM.

It's the old adage about: "You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink."

12. Domenick Aulozzi CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/2/2017 8:57:56 AM)
     Message ID #292833

This message is in response to Patricia Pomerleau ( message id #292117 )  View All Related Messages

The whole point of a free press is just that. If the government is now going to control who is or isn't a part of the "free" press, that kind of defeats the purpose.

Fake news is most assuredly a problem and it has been a problem for much longer than anyone cares to admit. Decades more than years. Fake news was allowed to take hold precisely because of the attitude this type of legislation promotes. That is, that the "press" is reliable simply because they are the "press."

As has been said before; we are in a strange time when there is more information available than anyone has the ability to process. Therefore we make decisions about the reliability of news based on headlines and sound bites. That along with the new emotional way of thinking that has replaced logical thinking.

13. Scott Collins
     (11/2/2017 10:03:18 AM)
     Message ID #292834

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James Carville - Democratic strategist and campaign manager - once famously said 'It's the economy, stupid.'

Curious how there is very little to no mention of what jobs, earnings, and markets have been doing over the past 10 months from the vast majority of media outlets.

I'm certain any and all libertards that have any IRA's, 401k's, or other investments gleefully check their balances but cannot swallow their bile long enough to acknowledge it.

Oh - and for those unfortunates that do not have any of the above financial instruments, the narrative is their lot in life is sooooo much worse now than under Obama. Yeah, right.

14. D Robb
     (11/2/2017 10:46:07 AM)
     Message ID #292835

This message is in response to Tams Bixby ( message id #292832 )  View All Related Messages

I agree with both your posts. We agree that attempting to register journalists accomplishes nothing. The little hands guy likes the National Enquirer because it is a friendly newspaper with no credibility that supports him. Everything it publishes is fake news. It infers all kinds of things about celebrities, and is rarely sued because it INFERS rather than states.

15. Noel Meyer
     (11/2/2017 10:46:24 AM)
     Message ID #292836

This message is in response to Scott Collins ( message id #292834 )  View All Related Messages

Why would they say anything since the economy is rolling along with POLICIES President OBAMA put in place and which Trump has been trying to tear down? How many jobs has the Velveeta Raccoon created in the coal industry, infrastructure rebuilding, heck he won't even send aid to Puerto Rico but somehow managed to give a $300 million contract to two guys who run Whitefish energy?

The economy was setting records BEFORE TRUMP got elected and you can't say 'repeal & replacing' Obama-care or Tax Reform helped the economy because NEITHER got off the ground in the last 10 months

16. D Robb
     (11/2/2017 10:59:17 AM)
     Message ID #292837

This message is in response to Tams Bixby ( message id #292832 )  View All Related Messages

Talking about not being able to educate those that don’t want to be educated, despite broad consensus about coal's bleak future, a years-long effort to diversify the economy of this hard-hit Appalachian region away from mining is stumbling, with Obama-era jobs retraining classes undersubscribed and future programs at risk under President Donald Trump’s proposed 2018 budget.
Trump has promised to revive coal by rolling back environmental regulations and moved to repeal Obama-era curbs on carbon emissions from power plants.
But hundreds of coal-fired plants have closed in recent years, and cheap natural gas continues to erode domestic demand. The Appalachian region has lost about 33,500 mining jobs since 2011, according to the Appalachian Regional Commission.
Although there have been small gains in coal output and hiring this year, driven by foreign demand, production levels remain near lows hit in 1978. However, coal miners trust trump. They don’t want to become computer programmers, nurses, or teachers, or whatever.
Stupid is as stupid does.

17. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/2/2017 11:03:28 AM)
     Message ID #292838

This message is in response to Patricia Pomerleau ( message id #292117 )  View All Related Messages

First of all, our freedoms were NOT guaranteed to us by the Bill of Rights... the only authority vested in the Constitution was protection of those rights from the Federal Government. Not from each other. Not even from the States.

To be sure, the scope of that authority has been expanded on numerous occasions by the Amendment process - but by and large its expansion is a consequence of Americans simply not knowing shyt about the agreement made on their behalf.

Following the Town Crier, Print was the first mass media and was launched in England for the Western World. I've read some of the first issues and was struck by Ads for Coffee that claimed it would cure almost anything... actually providing a list of the leading maladies of the time. So fake news is as old as News itself.

Abe Lincoln was so angry with the stuff newspapers were writing about him that he bought his own newspaper and had all good things written about himself.

The more insidious varieties of fake news were prevented by regulations that prevented media monopolies, cross media ownership, or foreign ownership of media. The rise in Corporatism has destroyed these protections just as it has destroyed anti-Trust protections and ushered in a Global Donor Class.

This class uses Think Tanks - sophisticated public relations tools - to use media to subvert the public will; Brainwash. It is a principle of brainwashing that you can rarely change the nature of individuals directly, but you can influence the masses in any direction you choose by dangling their own belief system in front of them. Don't fight their nature, go with it. We are all victims of our beliefs.

Polarizing those beliefs into two distinct factions optimizes brainwashing. It's being used by Corporatists around the world.

It will not cease or weaken - and no serious regulation will ever be deployed to curtail it. The only thing that will contain it is making it not work. That means, behaving like individuals... free-thinking, unpredictable and loosely affiliated with any belief system.

Lol. I believe fake news will prevail for the duration of this cycle of civilization.

18. Thomas C CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/2/2017 11:04:31 AM)
     Message ID #292839

This message is in response to Noel Meyer ( message id #292828 )  View All Related Messages

Republicans push control over the free press?

The Democrats -- with their MSM, Hollywood, Academia, Social Media, long ago traded the truth for acquisition of power.

And it's about what they will not report, as opposed to the fake stories.

The days of newsprint are over. The want ads in the Sunday Boston Globe generated $1 million in revenue every Sunday not that long ago, now it's gone.

Some papers have figured out fool proof paywalls that are impossible to breech, some have none. Toronto Star, Chicago Tribune, LA Times have none.

Personally I spend $50+ per month as a subscriber of NYT and WSJ. The WAPO has a very effective paywall. So now we chose what we want to hear and read. "Faux" News is dismissed out of hand, for others they block out the NYT/WAPO.

Talking Head News is no longer news, it's commentary. Big, big difference, and everyone is an "expert", like hired gunslingers from the Old West

BUT, Google and Facebook are free, which is why they are now the world's largest newsfeeds, AND there are no qualifications for content, which they can easily filter and control, and they do.

D.Robb pointed out the "Russian" Ads, over half came AFTER the election not before. In one case a Russian Fake Ad promoted a "Not my President" Event/rally, there was no event, yet 16,000 people showed up. He is correct, that is the rabbit hole we are heading down.

He who controls the information, controls the power. We are heading into some very dangerous waters.

I don't think a "license" will have any effect, and that nitwit GOP Congressman can't really be serious.

19. Thomas C CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/2/2017 11:42:28 AM)
     Message ID #292840

This message is in response to Noel Meyer ( message id #292836 )  View All Related Messages

It's all about what are you going to do for me in the future, that's what drives the market, potential

Obama had no policies. He was anti-business, anti-capitalist, anti-colonialist.

The man was a globalist, and freely admitted it. He pledged immigration reform but wanted an open border. He refused to listen to the gang of 8. Refused all cries to fix an outdated tax code.

Instead, he campaigned.

20. Scott Collins
     (11/2/2017 11:48:55 AM)
     Message ID #292841

This message is in response to Noel Meyer ( message id #292836 )  View All Related Messages

You must be totally without a clue about the regulations Trump repealed. Not surprising - libertards are generally clueless.
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