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Do you think that the Trump Tax plan will help the middle class?

I have no idea

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1. Noel Meyer
     (12/7/2017 5:35:40 PM)
     Message ID #294874

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December 7th used to mean something in America, at least to the Greatest Generation -- Didn't hear Trump Tweet anything about his honoring the day. Too much infighting amongst Americans-- remember the Civil War? Brother against Brother. Anyone take a look around the nation lately? Fake news, lies, when the FACTS are against you just ignore them, they'll go away.

So Trump owed a segment of his voters to recognize Jerusalem. That special interest group got their wish. Too bad Puerto Rico, should have voted for Trump.

A tax cut for the rich, trickle-down economics that never worked in creating new jobs, yet California wild fires, Texas and Florida hurricane relief and Puerto Rico, well you're on your own unless your REPUBLICAN governors ask politely from their Lord Trump.

MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN but you can forget American values by supporting Nazis, racism, abuse against women, making child molesters Republican senators...... Just how do you make America Great Again when you ignore the American values that made us great.

So Happy Pearl Harbor Day, Thanks for remembering. Guess some minority is too busy electing a puss* grabber president.

2. Andy White CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (12/7/2017 9:19:17 PM)
     Message ID #294880

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Noel, thank you for remembering Pearl Harbor. It's disheartening no one else did.

President Trump didn't forget.

3. Noel Meyer
     (12/8/2017 8:00:27 AM)
     Message ID #294887

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Thanks for the citation.

Might like to include this reference as well

4. D James
     (12/8/2017 3:52:49 AM)
     Message ID #294890

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Never forgotten. Just overcome by the aimless meanderings herein.
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