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Do you think that the Trump Tax plan will help the middle class?

I have no idea

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1. D Robb
     (11/26/2017 7:34:45 AM)
     Message ID #294213

This message is in response to D James ( message id #294205 )  Back To All Messages

And your analysis is what? Will the most benefits from this plan go to the richest Americans and corporations (both of which are doing exceptionally well) or will they go to the middle class which is doing terribly? Your envelope please?

2. Thomas C CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/26/2017 7:50:47 AM)
     Message ID #294215

This message is in response to D Robb ( message id #294213 )  Back To All Messages

I am puzzled as to why Mr. Robb is in favor of keeping tax breaks for the wealthy that are clearly outdated in today's economy.

Something is terribly wrong with the current economy. It has yet to fully recover from the recession of '07-'08. 10 straight years of sub 3% growth, high U-6 unemployment rate, productivity at it's lowest level in decades, stagnation of wages, total lack of investment by small business, and all the profits pouring into a stock market that benefits few. The Keynesian thing failed miserably. $1 Trillion stimulus?

Where'd it go? Nobody knows. Here's what we learned; "there is no such thing as a shovel ready job". Lot's of solar panel firms went belly up. I suppose that was a hard lesson

What's professor Robb's fix?

Do nothing. Greed is good. Immigration is good. Socialist healthcare systems are better. Tax the rich until there are rich no more, make those bastards pay! Medicare for all.

Then we have the Trump=Russia thing, which has become a ball of yarn.

These are high times for the Robb! Precious days of being on top of the world.

Only thing is......he is rooting for failure. Now that is deplorable.

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3. D Robb
     (11/26/2017 9:46:09 AM)
     Message ID #294217

This message is in response to Thomas C ( message id #294215 )  Back To All Messages

You continue to create your strawmen rather than honestly debate the question. That's because you know that this tax cut is designed and written to benefit the rich. Whose benefits are permanent and who's are temporary. Explain how repealing the Estate tax help the middle class?
I am all for simplifying the tax code and broadening the base of those paying taxes if the reform is revenue neutral or increases tax revenue. These bills blow a hole in the deficit.

4. Thomas C CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/26/2017 8:42:20 AM)
     Message ID #294243

This message is in response to D Robb ( message id #294217 )  Back To All Messages

Repealing the Federal Estate Tax is a moot point. It is easily avoided.

Other than that, explain how this tax plan benefits the wealthy.

5. Rick T CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/26/2017 3:28:08 PM)
     Message ID #294248

This message is in response to Thomas C ( message id #294243 )  Back To All Messages

Maybe you can explain how the estate tax is easily avoided.

Here are three ways the proposed tax plan benefits the wealthy almost in it's entirety.

1) Elimination of the Estate tax is clearly a benefit to the super wealthy.

"If the estate tax were repealed permanently, it could save Trump's estate $564 million based on an estimated net worth of $3 billion, as Bloomberg reported last year. Trump has said he is worth $10 billion, meaning he would be dealt even bigger savings."

2) Elimination of the Alternative Minimum tax is a direct benefit to the wealthy.

"Trump's plan proposes to repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax which, as known from the limited 2005 returns leaked earlier this year, once cost the president $31 million. It accounted for most of the $38.5 million in taxes Trump paid that year.
The AMT, which is aimed at ensuring that the wealthy pay a fair share of taxes has plenty of opponents, some of whom believe it does not accomplish that goal."

3) The Pass-Through tax break is a massive windfall to no-one other than the wealthy. Here's a link to the discussion as to why this is so by the distinguished Center on Budget and Policy Priorities .

These tax plans will add an estimated $1.5T to the deficit and trigger pay-go and, guess who is slated to pay? There will be cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security as conservatives argue we have a spending problem and, the wealth gap will grow larger and the wages will continue to fall as they did the last time this dumb-ass trickle down was tried.

The purposed tax cuts are a farce.

6. Noel Meyer
     (11/26/2017 3:56:40 PM)
     Message ID #294220

This message is in response to Thomas C ( message id #294215 )  Back To All Messages

"Only thing is......he is rooting for failure. Now that is deplorable."

Says YOU!

There are historical precedents, laws, acceptable behavior and there are breaks in such behavior. It is said that allowing 'Trump to continue to be Trump' will only destroy our democracy, the Republican Brand and American social values of truth - justice - and the American way.

Message edited by user at 11/26/2017 4:07:38 PM
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