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1. D James
     (11/26/2017 11:17:52 AM)
     Message ID #294223

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"...hiding open and transparent government..."

It seems we just got through eight years of that. Both parties have deeds in trust to The Swamp. I provide an objective side by side analysis of th House v the Senate proposals. You come back with your fill in the blank talking points.

By the way, I think both proposals are NOT tax reform. But I've stated my piece earlier and often regarding what is real reform and not merely a shell game and more redistribution. The Rs just want to slow it down but it's nothing more than what has been going on for over a half century. When 47% of the income earners pay ZERO Fed tax and the top 20% pay about 87%, there's something askew, don't you think? Speaking of, do you still pay? I wonder if your circle fest buddy Rahb pays anything. In about three years when I have to initiate minimum distribution from IRA accounts I'll be back in the 35% bracket. Oh well. So much for "retirement". What say you?
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