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1. D James
     (11/26/2017 12:52:02 PM)
     Message ID #294225

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Nothing precludes you from making a voluntary payment c/o the U.S. Treasury for any taxes for which you feel you'd like to be remit and have some compulsion derived from guilt and/or stupidity.

I, for one, pay an amount that is and remains significant. I will always pay my share and feel not at all compelled to pay one dime more. You do as you feel best. Your prior comments from polls past inidcate you are all about "free". That's symptomatic of a socialist taker, not a productive maker. I won't even accept a senior discount. To me it's an insult.

The top two % income earners of taxpayers you cite pay approximately a quarter of all Federal taxes.

There is no problem with under taxation but in runaway spending on programs and projects on matters which were not part of the deal set forth in the Constitution.
Revenue has and always has increased upon tax cuts. Unfortunately government spending has always outstripped that revenue increase.

When you mentally become an adult, let us know. You are oh so smug in your arrogance to make your prissy little snark at others you don't know and are frankly non meritorious to make their acquaintance.

By the way, jump pay was $110.00 per month, NOT $115.00.

Mr Bathurst has your number, by the way. Bass on 8 pound monofilament. Just saying. Fahrbach has been trying to throw you back but you keep coming to the surface like a turd in a punchbowl.
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