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1. Noel Meyer
     (11/28/2017 11:10:39 AM)
     Message ID #294333

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Robert -
Good post.

"You may have noticed that the liberal agenda is threadbare; it's leadership is leaderless"

This is an accurate description not of the liberal agenda but of the Republican CONSERVATIVES who allow an abuser a novice to run the presidency - with no control over his pusss* grabbing history; his complete lack of understanding of how this government functions; his support for neo-nazies and Alabama child molesters.

"History is loaded with tales of ideologies that failed, leaving masses of confused people behind. So much so, that the default credo for defending the defenseless drops over them as a protective curtain of last resort.

It goes like this...

Admit nothing, deny everything, demand proof, and make outrageous counter accusations. If all else fails, discredit all opposition.

Sounds exactly the strategy the Velveeta Raccoon uses. His latest gaff is calling a sitting U.S. Senator Pocahontas at a gathering where Trump was supposed to be honoring NATIVE Americans for their service during WWII
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