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1. D James
     (12/7/2017 11:49:14 AM)
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The last time I looked there is not nor has there ever been a "nation" of Palestine. The modern "Palestine" is a figment of the demented and murderous mind of one Yassir Arafat, an Egyptian who was expelled from his native land for incitement to violence. Israel took Jerusalem in its entirety via force of arms from Jordan during the 67 War. The Islamists had chosen to use many of the Jewish and Christian Holy sites as urinals and worse.

The President is doing what was promised by Boy Clinton in the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capitol, and followed by GWB, and Barry Soetoro who all did nothing. Trump is spot on correct. An analogy: would the US have its Embassy to the UK in Nottingham or Liverpool when the national capitol is London? Having the USEMB to Israel in Tel Aviv merely conveniences the State Dept party goers who love the TA night life but will actually be in more austere surrounding in Jerusalem. And by the way, Jerusalem is not mentioned , even once, In the Koran. So much for it being the "4th Holiest City" to that cult that beheads c/o the Prophet on the White Horse.
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