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1. M Bathurst
     (12/17/2017 7:06:19 PM)
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It is not disdain for the wage earner. I was an wage earner; then took some major risk and did my own thing. I learned a lot as a wage earner. I worked in major international accounting firms. While the pay is not bad; you are not paid great. So, the difference between what you might call the "correct" wage and what I earned; I called tuition in learning how to operate in the business world. I did not whine. Did not have the time.

However, most wage earners go to work on Monday morning at 8 am; work for 5 days or 40 hours, give or take a few. They go home on Friday; not worrying about much other than benefits and vacation. There is nothing wrong with that. That is a choice. I have worked 60-80 hours a week for over 40 years (and at one point went to law school near full time while working 70-90 hours a week). I saved like crazy; then went out on my own; first as a litigation/valuation consultant (always in demand and like Perry Mason - never lost a case). Then moved on to starting a company - creating over the years over 40 jobs.

You may believe there is a social contract on your SS/Medicare - but, the Supreme Court has held - nope. Congress can change it at anytime; and over the years, they have. In reality, it is a progressive Ponzi con. I don't want to take anything from you. Both SS/Medicare need reform if our children aren't going to be screwed. At one time there were 159 workers for each SS beneficiary (1940), in 1950 it was 16.5 to 1; today it is less than 3 to 1. Do the math. If the programs are going to move forward - we, you and me, need to give something up. Oh, and, I am covered by Medicare (an old guy) and still working 60+ hours a week. So, don't talk to me about greed. This is a government program; and, what the government gives; it can damn well take away. You would be wise to learn that.
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