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1. M Bathurst
     (1/3/2018 1:30:27 PM)
     Message ID #296063

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After bastardizing the English language, the Left loves to hang on the words of their handlers - look at how they swooned over Big Ears great speeches (or rather readings - speaking "free-hand" he was in the class of Pres. Bush). But, they ignored what this little bastard was doing behind their backs (ACA and its lies, Fast & Furious, Benghazi, collusion with the Russians during the election; or non-election of Ms. Orange Jumpsuit). It is now the same with Pres. Trump; focus on his words; but, not on what is happening behind the scenes - improved economic activity as a result of "deleting" bad regulations, the Supreme Court, getting the federal agencies to do what they were created to do. I love the folks here that think Pres. Trump is Putin BFF. Simply repeating what their handlers tell them to say. I would gather that two examples would give them pause - first, military assistance to Ukraine and second, improve energy production in the US and the ability to export said energy. It is hard for any sane person to argue either of these events are making Putin happy.

Pres. Trump may not be the most "graceful" person; but, he has been effective. Many want to give Big Ears the credit for the economy; what a joke. During 2016, the economy was sputtering at best; and, with the strong expectation that Ms. Orange Jumpsuit was going to win; there was no positive energy in the economy. We were told how the market was going to crash, blah, blah, blah if Mr. Trump became Pres. Trump. Sitting near 25,000 is hardly a crash. Oh, it will come down as the market deals with the unwinding of Big Ears' QE program with rising interest rates. There is energy in the economy because the corporate/business world believes the weight of Big Ears' "let's kill the economy" is gone.

I also find it interesting that Mr. Bixby stated in an earlier post that Pres. Trump is doing many of the things he thinks should be done; but, that he is the wrong person to do it. WTF. If Big Ears had done some of these things I would have been congratulating him for doing the right thing. He goes on to say, Pres. Trump is simply unqualified to be President. And, Big Ears was? Look at the backgrounds of both gentlemen. Pres. Trump was not my first choice. However, he clearly was the only person could have beat Ms. Orange Jumpsuit and do what is being done. So, if he is here for 4 years or 8 years; I don't care. He will make some mistakes; but, he will be the reason many more serious mistakes were not made by the Progressives.

PS: You are being very nice to Mr. Bixby. I think he likes dancing in Robb's World.
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