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1. D Robb
     (1/7/2018 8:12:28 PM)
     Message ID #296387

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It is hard to follow some arguments on the forum because trump has led us so far astray that no one talks any longer about what is moral and what is not. What is acceptable behavior or what is unacceptable. What improves the country or what makes it worse. Everything is filtered through the lens of politics. Is it Democratic or Republican, left or right? That seems to be the only thing that matters.
Therefore, we no longer have FACTs or truth. We have alternative facts, or just repeated lies.
Evangelicals attempt to portray themselves as men of God, but they are more interested in power than spirituality. We should vote for a serial sexual predator or pedophile because his opponent is a Democrat. Appointing judges who will overturn abortion and same sex marriage is more important than…anything. Getting tax cuts for the rich is more important than the future of America or the health and welfare of children.
There are glimmers that things are turning around. Women are getting much more involved in politics at all levels, and polls indicate that a majority of voters favor Democrats in the coming election.
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