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Do you think Twitter is a good medium for presidential communication?

I have a different take

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837. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 9:41:40 AM)
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You trust them. I don't trust them as far as I can throw them, In addition... they have not been given the evidence either. That is a second cousin to complete idiocy. Reason tells me if the Russians could have chosen the President - they would have picked Hillary, not Trump. The reality of the sanctions bill already confirms that.

...and yes... although there are people who have suffered specific misfortunes... most poor people simply lack whatever it is that drives successful people. Donald Trump used what he was given to maximum advantage. That is common to all successful people. Common to all poor people (except those specifically disadvantaged) is that they DO NOT. What they are lacking is psychological... and that is not the concern of others. The more people toss a buck to a pan-handler... the more pan-handlers there will be.

They have families. Their families know them and their situations. If they don't feel they are worth taking care of - why should strangers ?

836. D Robb
     (8/3/2017 9:30:52 AM)
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Good article about the 5 Types of trump Voters. I would be interested in hearing from the Deplorables (Oops, trump voters) how valid they think the analysis is:

The main point of the Washington Post article which had a link to the analysis was that trump voters are not monolithic and do disagree and that accounts for the continuing erosion of support among his base.

835. D Robb
     (8/3/2017 9:19:11 AM)
     Message ID #288248

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Robert, the sources are classified, and you don't have a clearance. You will just have to trust your Senators and Representative. They have seen the evidence and they don't have any doubt. The Russians did it. That is what they have always done and will continue to do unless there is a price they have to pay.

834. D Robb
     (8/3/2017 9:02:41 AM)
     Message ID #288247

This message is in response to Robert Fahrbach ( message id #288244 )  View All Related Messages

You really believe the nonsense you post? Tell me it's not so.
You have to be a total idealogue to make such a statement. You probably believe that trump made his billions all by himself by saving his paper route earnings?

833. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 8:55:37 AM)
     Message ID #288245

This message is in response to Michael O'Neill ( message id #288238 )  View All Related Messages

They were "$6 million dollars in debt" when they left because of:
  • "It depends on what the definition of 'IS' is.";
  • "I did not have sex with that woman!";
  • Whitewater; and
  • etc.

In other words, because of Whitewater & Bill Clinton's promiscuity in office & etc (which ultimately got him impeached but not convicted and the associated legal fees involved in ALL that), not because they weren't "moneygrubbers" or anything else.

Message edited by user at 8/3/2017 9:20:27 AM

832. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 8:35:39 AM)
     Message ID #288244

This message is in response to Douglas Robb ( message id #288243 )  View All Related Messages

I don't understand why the poor are entitled to so much special attention. They were born with 'roughly' the same opportunities as everyone else. I think we should stop referring to them as 'poor' - and think of them as 'failures' - like nature does,

What special attention are failures entitled to?

You must have seen the movie where a woman says to an accomplished Maestro... "I wish I could be like you." The Maestro replies... 'no you don't, if you did you would have chosen to pay the price."

What special things should we all do for this woman because she elected not to pay that price?

831. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 8:21:30 AM)
     Message ID #288243

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Republican governors are working with the trump administration to implement changes will leave fewer people on Medicaid and hurt the poor and vulnerable, but it will save money that can then be used for tax cuts for the rich.

830. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 8:17:36 AM)
     Message ID #288242

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Chief of Staff Kelly called AG Sessions and told Sessions that his job is safe despite the nasty tweeting of the 'boss'. Sometimes an adult has to step up when the 'boss' acts like a petulant child and refuses to admit his pettiness and nastiness was wrong.

829. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 8:06:26 AM)
     Message ID #288241

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Sanctions against Russia are fine... but I would really like to see evidence to support the claim that the government, itself, was involved. The idea that our pizz poor security mavens 'say so' is meaningless.

In the end... with the truth wrapped up in secrecy... it was not a good place for the President to pick a fight. His general opposition was correct.

The upcoming immigration bill is amazing - given the dependence of big business on cheap labor... but a few adjustments to the Visa program should adequately protect agriculture and other reliant industries.

The Healthcare bill is STILL in the mix. We may ultimately come out of this with something worthwhile.

The Tax bill is the next priority.

None of this work was in progress four years ago. We finally got it right on election day. Success is merely the last act in a chain of attempts. Americans are so used to running away after taking a punch, they have forgotten how to win.

Winning while bloodied is particularly satisfying - a testament to the fact that it wasn't an easy task.

Message edited by user at 8/3/2017 8:06:50 AM

828. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (8/3/2017 8:01:24 AM)
     Message ID #288240

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The Vatican is trying to save the souls of hard-line Catholics. Two close associates of Pope Francis accused American Catholic ultraconservatives of making an alliance of “hate” with evangelical Christians to back trump.
The authors say that alliance of hate has stymied action against climate change and exploited fears of migrants and Muslims with calls for “walls and purifying deportations.”
You mean hate is not a Christian virtue? Who would have known?
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