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What do you think about building a Mexico border wall?

It's important for illegal immigration and should be built
It's a joke. There are many more effective ways of stopping illegal crossings
Mexico is going to pay for it, so why not?
I have a more expansive view of this matter

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363. R Bannen
     (9/6/2017 5:42:34 AM)
     Message ID #290000

This message is in response to Douglas Robb ( message id #289816 )  View All Related Messages

I am in no way in agreement with you. You are one with the swamp.

362. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (9/3/2017 1:51:58 PM)
     Message ID #289824

This message is in response to Douglas Robb ( message id #289816 )  View All Related Messages

I don't think 'Bannen' is quite the fan you leap at perceiving her to be.

361. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (9/3/2017 8:19:12 AM)
     Message ID #289816

This message is in response to R. Bannen ( message id #289811 )  View All Related Messages

Thanks, R Bannen. You have given them the opportunity to do the ONLY thing they can do well - attack other protesters.
It doesn't take a genius to realize that the Congress is NOT focused on what is most important to average Americans. To get a good job today that will allow an individual to support his/her family you need education beyond high school, but who can afford it? The nice economic bomb to hit the US will be the implosion caused by over a trillion dollars of college loan debt.
The dirty secret is the US makes money off college loans so to cut the interest rate would require raising taxes or cutting somewhere else.
NYS took a giant step and is offering free tuition to middle class students. Congress should follow NYS' example.

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360. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (9/3/2017 8:07:46 AM)
     Message ID #289814

This message is in response to M Bathurst ( message id #289813 )  View All Related Messages

Bear in mind that the best definition of insanity is a visionary with delusions.

359. M Bathurst
     (9/3/2017 3:23:09 AM)
     Message ID #289813

This message is in response to R. Bannen ( message id #289811 )  View All Related Messages

Who are you referring to as a visionary?

358. Robert Fahrbach CEOExpressSelect Member
     (9/2/2017 11:05:42 PM)
     Message ID #289812

This message is in response to R. Bannen ( message id #289811 )  View All Related Messages

True enough... but you are too remote to understand it.

Why R. Bannen?

357. R. Bannen
     (9/2/2017 9:11:03 PM)
     Message ID #289811

This message is in response to Robert Fahrbach ( message id #289807 )  View All Related Messages

He is a visionary. Most of the posters that were aboard here when I last interjected are long departed. Maybe they got tired of the ill spirited banter and obvious false statements that are not cleverly masked by their creators.

356. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (9/2/2017 8:50:11 PM)
     Message ID #289810

This message is in response to Noel Meyer ( message id #289809 )  View All Related Messages

Good post Noel. The latest data shows that roughly 75 percent of the financial wealth in America is held by the top 10 percent of households. Or to invert this, 25 percent of all US wealth is divided up amongst the bottom 90 percent of the population. The greed of the top 10% knows no end. The distribution of wealth was more balanced in the 50s before the tax rates on the uber rich were drastically reduced. The amazing thing is that the Republicans have convinced the majority of Americans is that the reason their wages have stagnated, their jobs have disappeared, and they have lost the benefits (health insurance, vacation, job security) is because of the poor and immigrants.
trump promised to change all that. Despite the fact that most of the stuff he sells is imported, and he has declared bankruptcy 4 times and stiffed his creditors and contractors, people believed him, but they are waking up.

355. Noel Meyer
     (9/2/2017 8:14:33 PM)
     Message ID #289809

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So Trump and his Trumpeters:


Build a wall

Create a Muslim Ban

Deport 12 million illegals ( who gonna pick the crops next spring? those high tech visa kids coming from India?)

Divide the nation by race - creed - nationality

End the EPA and other protections like democratic protections for voter rights

And all the while the Trumpeters support such moves, the Neo-nazis and the white supremacists support and let it happen.

So why did the chicken cross the road?

Better yet... why did Americans let their nation be taken away from them?

354. Douglas Robb CEOExpressSelect Member
     (9/2/2017 4:40:21 PM)
     Message ID #289808

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The Republicans have a month to repeal and replace Obamacare under the 50 vote rule. That isnt going to happen. In the meantime, the Democratic Party has embraced single-payer health care. In the final moments of her Oakland town hall, Kamala Harris told the crowd that she will co-sponsor the "Medicare for all" bill that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will introduce in mid-September. " it's a different Democratic Party now, and the cause excites the base. Harris is part of a trio of Democratic 2020 prospects in the Senate along with Massachusetts' Elizabeth Warren and New York's Kirsten Gillibrand who expressed support for single-payer health care this summer. But she's the first of those three to attach her name to a specific bill.

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