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How do you think 2019 will proceed now that democrats hold the majority in Congress.

Things will get worse--congress and Trump will stay in their corners and not compromise
Things will get better--compromise will be imperative or all will lose
I have another take

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7631. Noel Meyer
     (3/9/2019 8:33:25 AM)
     Message ID #327616

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EPA Chief REFUSES To Stop Meeting With Executives And Lobbyists

"You know, we often overlook the fact that we still have a gaggle of morons running government agencies who are setting policies and doing things that are harming American citizens every day. And we overlook it because we've got that orange buffoon sitting in the White House. You know, he attracts all the attention. But while we're focused on him, we forget the fact that we have other organizations like Ben Carson at Hud trying to slash affordable housing. We have Betsy devoss of the secretary of education siting with a rapists over victims. And of course one of the worst of all is we have Andrew Wheeler sitting right now as the acting head of the EPA because he has not yet been confirmed as the real head of the EPA who refuses to stop meeting with industry leaders and lobbyists in his new capacity as the leader of the EPA. According to a new report between April and August of last year, April and August, he met with industry leaders, lobbyists, and other executives from the industries that he is supposed to be regulating more than 50 times, more than 50 times.

He is averaging once every two and a half days meeting with somebody from the industries that he is supposed to be regulating. It's not unprecedented for the leader of one of these agencies to meet with the people they're regulating. It's not that kind of frequency though, once every two and a half to three days, that is unprecedented, especially when you factor in that he is not meeting with any environmental groups. In fact, his predecessor, Scott Pruitt, who is only in office for a little over a year, uh, out of all the meetings he had, fewer than 1% of them were with environmental groups. People that actually care about reducing pollution, making the earth a little bit better, allowing us all to breathe a little easier. But Andrew Wheeler, the former coal lobbyists who is now again sitting as the head of the EPA, not yet confirmed, but still there, he will be confirmed.

It's just got to go through the Senate. The Republicans will pass them in. Not a big deal. He's going to get it, but he's only meeting with lobbyists. He's only meeting with people who do not want him to do his job. He is meeting with people that he used to work with as a lobbyist, his friends, his bodies, the people who use to employ him are on the list from his calendars that have been obtained. That's who he's meeting with and that's who he cares about and that's who he's regulating for. And by regulating for, I mean deregulating for because God knows this man is not going to enforce any environmental law on the books, which is why since Trump came into office, we have seen environmental prosecutions fall by more than 90% here in the United States, more than 90% pollution levels are going up, emissions are increasing in our country"

7630. Noel Meyer
     (3/9/2019 8:31:23 AM)
     Message ID #327615

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Trumpís Trade Wars Are Costing Us $3 Billion PER MONTH!

"According to leading economists, the United States is losing roughly $3 billion per month thanks to Donald Trump's trade wars. Now, if you'll remember, Donald Trump told us that these trade wars are having a huge economic impact in a negative way on China, not here in the u s but on China. You know, they're the ones who are suffering. They're the ones who all, we're desperate to make a deal now because you're terrorists are killing us and we can't sell our goods in the United States. But it turns out that was a lie. China's still sell him plenty of goods here in the United States without a problem at all. That $3 billion that these trade wars are costing us are in the higher taxes and higher product pricing that we as consumers are now having to pay because of the tariffs. We're the ones who pay the cost, not China, but dumb a$$ Donald Trump doesn't understand economics enough to understand that we're the ones bearing the burden here on top of the $3 billion in additional costs were paying every single month. There is also 1.4 billion in lost goods. So that's another one point $4 billion we're losing per month. The lost goods obviously are the agriculture, uh, goods that are not being sold to China now because of the tariffs. So we can't sell those goods. So we lose 1.4 billion on that. We're still buying their goods. So we're just paying an extra 3 billion. So roughly four and a half billion dollars every single month because of the decisions of one man. This is 100% on Donald Trump. He made the decision to do this. He made the decision, I guess all the way back in school to not learn basic economics of how tariffs work. And now we're the ones suffering to the tune of several billion dollars every 30 days.

This madness has got to stop. And the worst part is he tells us what we're working on a deal. You know, things are gonna get better and we're going to come out ahead. No, we're not. We will never get back the money that we have lost. We will never get back the extra money that we have spent and all of those crops that we now have sending rotting in silos, those aren't going to be sold. You're not even doling out the bailouts you promised farmers they're going under at an astronomical rate, not seen in the last decade or more, but you don't care because you're only looking at it in terms of who's going to win and who's going to lose. I'm going to win because I created a problem where one didn't exist. Then I'm going to claim I solved it even though literally nothing will change and then I'm going to take credit for ending a trade war. That's what's going to happen because everybody, again, please understand there there was no crisis here. Yeah, there were issues that could have easily been worked out probably over a dinner, maybe even over email, because that's how insignificant they were, but Trump chose to go down this path and he went down this path by himself. He didn't have Republicans have in to pass legislation. This was him, and he is the one costing us four and a half billion dollars every single month. Again, because he's not smart enough to understand how basic economics works."

7629. Noel Meyer
     (3/8/2019 2:33:07 PM)
     Message ID #327570

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White House communications director resigns

"CNN says a SEVENTH Communications Director for the White House will be needed as White House deputy chief of staff and de facto communications director Bill Shine has stepped down to join the Trump campaign, press secretary Sarah Sanders announced in a statement. Shine is said to be moving to join Trump's CAMPAIGN for 2020 as a SENIOR ADVISOR"

7628. Noel Meyer
     (3/8/2019 5:08:19 AM)
     Message ID #327510

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McConnell: 'There Will Be Enough Votes' To Stop Trump's Emergency Order

"MSNBC says Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) says "there will be enough votes" in the U.S. Senate for a bill to terminate Trump's national emergency order. McConnell also added that he expects the president to veto it."

7627. Noel Meyer
     (3/8/2019 5:05:46 AM)
     Message ID #327509

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Trump Whines That His Generals Donít Understand How Business Works

"Donald Trump is mad at his generals and his intelligence officials and he's mad at them because as he's said, they just don't understand business. You see those pesky generals and intelligence officials. They want to come into his office every day and talk about real threats that the United States is facing. Cybersecurity threats from North Korea and China are at the very top of the list right now. As new reports have shown us over the last few days, those are things we need to be dealing with immediately, but Trump doesn't care. Why are these people talking to me about money? Why don't they understand business? Donald Trump has a very real problem. Donald Trump has a lot of very real problems that need to be addressed, but first and foremost is what he's doing to the national security of us here in the United States. He can only see things in dollars and cents. That's all he's ever seen his entire life.

There's not people, there's not issues. There's money and not money. That's all the man knows. That's all he knows how to care about and now he's pissed off because his generals and his intelligence officials are trying to talk to them about real things that don't happen to involve money and he thinks they don't get it. He doesn't understand how to be the president of the United States. He is not intelligent enough to be able to think of other things that aren't money. This is a threat to our national security and he has the audacity to criticize the others who are telling him that he needs to focus on these things by telling them will you just don't understand business. For the millionth time, it was a stupid idea to ever suggest to run the government like a business, but that talking point really emerged and took hold when Mitt Romney was running for president.

That's what Republicans told us we had to do, run the government like a business and they've been doing that for two years now and unfortunately they put, let's be honest, one of the worst businessmen in the United States in that role as CEO, slash, president, and it's not going very well. We've lost the trade wars. We're doing nothing about our cyber security here in the United States, both just cybersecurity in general and election cybersecurity. We're losing our standing as a global leader according to the latest polls. Nobody around the world views us as a leader anymore. Germany's actually taken over that title. As the global leader, we're losing on the environment. We're losing on everything else. Why? Because Trump only wants to focus on the money, and that happens to be a very small part of being president. In fact, it's Congress's job to worry about the money.

It's the president's job to worry about the safety and wellbeing of every citizen in this country, but he doesn't want to do that because he's never had to care about another human being for the rest of his life, for the first part of his life, the pre presidential years, he won't have to care about him after he leaves. This is a true sociopath. No empathy for any other human being. No connections really with any other human being doesn't care about anything or anyone other than himself and his bank account. That makes for a pretty crappy president, and that also helps explain why things had been so bad for the last two years."

7626. Noel Meyer
     (3/8/2019 5:01:48 AM)
     Message ID #327508

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Paul Manafort - convicted, sentenced to only 4 years (could have been sentenced to 24 years). I know, the judge thought if he got what he deserves Trump would just pardon his former campaign manager, but 4 years, really?

Talk about a screwed up justice system...... Republicans wanted to jail HRC for far longer for much, much less and she was never even charged, much less convicted.

2019 - the year Americans watched rich and privileged Republicans caught, convicted only to be sentenced for a pittance of time to country-club style prison terms while most Blacks get sentenced far longer and drug possession cases get far longer than laundry list of crimes and convictions.

Lawmaker on Manafort sentencing: Judge should have recused himself

"In an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper, Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-VA) criticized Judge T.S. Ellis for sentencing President Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort to 47 months in prison"

7625. Noel Meyer
     (3/7/2019 10:24:55 AM)
     Message ID #327419

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Christine Blasey Ford accused Brett Kavanagh and the Republican Senate made fun of her claim, actually laughed at what she said happened to her.

Martha Elizabeth McSally, who lost the election to be the Senator from Arizona but was appointed the REPUBLICAN senator to fill out a Republican term, said she was raped and Congress came to her defense.

Christine Blasey Ford - a professor, a civilian, accused the Republican candidate for the Supreme Court and got laughed at.

Martha Elizabeth McSally - a "war hero", first woman to fly in combat, accused a superior officer in the military and the military apologized to her, and the Republican Senate came to her defense.

R. Kelly has been accused of sexual abuse and having sex with underage girls, is in jail.

Donald (Puss*grabber) Trump has mistresses, sexual adventures and antics, paying off accusers to keep them quiet, and he remains the President of the United States.

Tell me again how Republicans are the party of family values and Christian beliefs........

7624. Noel Meyer
     (3/6/2019 7:09:13 PM)
     Message ID #327375

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White House Refusing To Hand Over Documents On Security Clearances

"MSNBC says "The one investigation that seems to be bothering the president the most is looking at how his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, received his security clearance. Former CIA Director John Brennan joins Stephanie Ruhle to discuss why even the attempt by foreign countries to gain leverage over Kushner should worry everyone Ė not just national security officials."

7623. Noel Meyer
     (3/6/2019 6:55:34 PM)
     Message ID #327374

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How do you think 2019 will proceed

2019 facts and figures show that America's TRADE DEFICIT especially with China increased last year all the while Mr. TRADE WAR/TARIFF promised that deficit would LESSEN not INCREASE because of his actions.

Looks like 2019 will be the year -

a. Tax refunds for normal Americans go down, from TRUMP's tax cuts to the very richest.

b. Treasury deficits increased by $1 TRILLION due to Trump's tax cuts to the very richest Americans

c. Farmers go bankrupt due to Trump's TRADE WAR

d. North Korea retains its nuclear arms technology and missile programs

e. Investigations into Trump, his people and family increase finding more and more irregularities.

f. AND YET MAGA-turds continue to believe in Trump's "fake news" that he and only he can make America 'great again'.

7622. Noel Meyer
     (3/6/2019 6:49:14 PM)
     Message ID #327373

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Trump said today that he would be "disappointed" if North Korea were rebuilding its missile program AFTER intelligence PICTURES showed the North Korean missile site being REBUILT after the failed summit meeting in Hanoi.

ONE PICTURE = 1000 words and Trump still does not believe his intelligence agencies. He'd rather 'believe' the brutal, power-mad dictator known for shading dealings with the world.

What does Trump need to get from his intelligence agencies? A North Korean missile shot at Mar-a-lago?
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