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CNN PoliticsOct 19, 2021
Biden's climate targets are possible without clean energy program, but will need tax credits and regulations
Even if Democrats' cornerstone climate policy -- a clean electricity program -- is stripped out of their budget bill, an independent analysis estimates President Joe Biden can still meet his climate goals.

The Daily BeastOct 19, 2021
China's New Moon Rocks Hint at a Violent, Wet History
TINGSHU WANG/REUTERSA little less than a year ago, China made history by bringing samples of the moon back to Earth—the first new moon rocks brought back to Earth since the last Apollo mission in 1972. The point of the mission, called Chang'e-5, was not just to demonstrate the country's technological prowess in space and further its lunar exploration ambitions, but also to probe these samples and solve some of the mysteries behind how the moon has evolved over its 4.5 billion-year history.

And that scientific work has an arguably more tantalizing goal: using the history of the moon to understand what kinds of resources are sitting on or below the lunar surface that could help future lunar colonists more easily sustain their homes. The most important of these potential resources is water, in the form of ice—which we know the moon has truckloads of waiting to be mined.

The first insights from the Chang'e-5 samples just might mean that water on the moon runs deeper than we'd thought.

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CNN PoliticsOct 19, 2021
Biden and Harris hit the phones to bolster support on voting bill as Democrats face another GOP roadblock
President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been working the phones to try and bolster support for voting legislation teed up for Senate consideration this week, even as the bill is set to run into a Republican blockade.

CNN PoliticsOct 18, 2021
Some Democrats warn they could vote against giant spending bill if key climate provisions nixed
Several Senate Democrats expressed concerns Monday about Sen. Joe Manchin's refusal to support key climate change provisions in the sweeping spending and tax package backed by President Joe Biden, with some going as far as warning they may withdraw their support for the package if it significantly weakens the climate proposals.

Politics - U.S. HouseOct 18, 2021
Biden's Paid Leave Plan at Risk as Lawmakers Seek Cuts
An initial proposal to offer workers 12 weeks of paid leave could be whittled down as Democrats try to trim their $3.5 trillion social policy bill.

Yahoo PoliticsOct 18, 2021
U.S. Democrats battle over climate change plans in $3.5 trillion bill

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