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EngadgetNov 29, 2022
NASA's Orion photographed the Earth and Moon from a quarter-million miles away
The Orion spacecraft's record-setting distance from Earth made for stunning photography, apparently. NASA has shared a photo taken by the Artemis I vehicle on Monday showing both Earth and the Moon in the background. Much like some Apollo photography or Voyager 1's "Pale Blue Dot," the picture puts humanity's home in perspective — our world is just one small planet in a much larger cosmos.

Orion took the snapshot around its maximum distance from Earth of 268,563 miles. That's the farthest any human-oriented spacecraft has traveled, beating even Apollo 13's record of 248,655 miles from 1970. Notably, Artemis I represents the first time explorers intended to travel this far out — Apollo 13 only ventured so far from Earth because NASA's emergency flight plan required the Moon as a slingshot.

Ars Technicanotes that this early Artemis flight has so far surpassed NASA's expectations. While the mission team has only completed 31 out of 124 core objectives so far, it's adding goals like extended thruster tests. About half of the remaining activities are in progress, with the rest largely dependent on returning to Earth.

Orion is expected to splash down off the San Diego coast on December 11th. The Artemis program has dealt with numerous delays, and now isn't expected to land humans on the Moon until 2025 or 2026. NASA originally hoped for a lunar la

Mac RumorsNov 29, 2022
Apple Announces Winner of First-Ever Apple Podcasts Award
Apple today announced that Slate's narrative podcast series "Slow Burn" has won the first-ever Apple Podcasts Award for Show of the Year.

New York Times TechNov 28, 2022
The Latest on FTX's Bankruptcy, BlockFi and More
The collapse of FTX, one of the world's largest cryptocurrency companies, is still sending shock waves through the crypto world.

PC World Latest NewsNov 28, 2022
The best 1080p graphics card plunges to just $190 for Cyber Monday

The card is the MSI Mech Radeon RX 6600, packing 8GB of GDDR6 RAM and a compact, dual-fan cooler design. The vendor is Newegg, which discounted the standard price of $280 down to $210. You can get an extra $20 off with a rebate card, bringing the final price down to $189.99 — that's $140 off the $330 retail price of the RX 6600 that AMD set at its launch a little over a year ago.

But wait, there's more! On top of the discounted card, AMD is throwing in its latest "Raise the Game" bundle, which includes online codes for zombie shooter Dead Island 2 and sci-fi horror title The Callisto Protocol. That's a $120 value, though it's admittedly a much more subjective one (y'all couldn't throw a non-horror game in that bundle?).

The Radeon RX 6600 isn't going to win any polygon-pushing contests with the biggest and most expensive cards on the market, but it's a fantastic affordable option for anyone who's targeting 1080p visuals. PCWorld executive editor Brad Chacos called it "fast and power efficient," but

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