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What do you think of Trump's first 100 Days?

Pretty Dismal--has accomplished very little
Not so bad--it's hard to work in Washington
Great progress--he's keeping his promises
I have a different way of looking at the matter

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1. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (4/23/2017 12:55:40 PM)
     Message ID #282979

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President Trump is nearing 100 days without much accomplishment by any historical measure. By way of explanation, he has pointed his Twitter finger at the media, at Democrats in Congress, at conservative House Republicans — at pretty much everyone but himself. This week he said that, unlike his touting it during his campaign, that the "100 Days" was a "ridiculous standard."

However as the President is dissing this "ridiculous standard", he is pushing to get both the Affordable Health care act repealed and the Gov't funding bill passed next week. Yes, next week--the week where he reaches "100 days" .

So who is responsible for the "meh" first 100 days? According to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, (see poll here: more than half of Americans think Trump hasn't accomplished much in his first 100 days (56 percent). Of those less-than-impressed Americans, almost half blame the president for getting so little done.

In all fairness, aside from Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whose first 100 days in office transformed the executive branch and began the slow process of bringing about an American recovery from the Great Depression, most modern presidents have not had their first hundred days turn out to be particularly noteworthy. The only one who comes close, Ronald Reagan, used his first 100 days to set up the revolutionary changes he planned on making to reduce the size of the federal government. But very few of those policies were officially passed during that period. Even Reagan didn’t pass 15 landmark bills in his first 100 days, like FDR managed to do.

Most mainstream media are saying that Trump's 100 days are a failure compared to what he said he was going to accomplish. But does it even matter?

What do you think?

  • Is Trump's first 100 days a failure given his bragging about what he would accomplish during this time on the campaign trail?
  • Is it the fault of the congress that Trump has had few real accomplishments in his first 100 days?
  • Do you think the "100 days" measure is, as Trump is now saying, a "ridiculous measure"?
  • How successful to you think President Trump will be moving forward?

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2. Patricia Pomerleau CEOExpressSelect Member
     Forum Moderator
     (4/23/2017 1:41:05 PM)
     Message ID #282981

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One sticking point for the Government Spending bill is "the big beautiful wall"

Congress isn't so keen on funding a wall that many say is useless in accomplishing control of immigrants. However, the presidents #1 promise

Not a SINGLE member of congress along the border (from both parties) support the President's "solution" of his wall.

The Hill: "No Congress members along Mexico border support funding Trump's wall"

So, will there be a showdown on Friday? Will congress say "screw you Mr. President" or will the president say "Screw you Congress" and shut down the government, or will the wall be funded?
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