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   BUSINESS/FINANCE NEWS - China, Economy & TradeAug 19, 2018
South Korea: the fear of China's shadow
Once a model of economic development, the country now worries Chinese competition will cause a long-term slowdown

Google Business NewsAug 19, 2018
Tesla board torn between shareholders and Elon Musk - The Australian Financial Review

The Australian Financial Review

Elon Musk's astonishing interview with the New York Times has heightened concerns surrounding his health. Alex Mateo. by Dana Hull and David Welch. Tesla's board of directors is at a critical juncture, wedged between a larger-than-life figure to whom ...
Elon Musk Confirms Seeing Azealia Banks

USA Today MoneyAug 19, 2018
4 hot new supercars will rock Pebble Beach -- and could jar Tesla as well
Customers may be buying SUVs, but the Monterey Week of Cars is about cars        

Automotive News Breaking NewsAug 19, 2018
Startup supplier Tula Technology worries about CAFE rollback
Tula Technology CEO Scott Bailey is convinced the CAFE rules played a major role in GM's 2012 decision to invest in Tula, become a development partner and license its technology. - China, Economy & TradeAug 19, 2018
Beijing orders banks to boost lending to exporters
Move comes ahead of critical week of trade talks as Chinese stocks and currency wilt

MarketWatchAug 18, 2018
The Wall Street Journal: Trump slams social-media companies for ‘censorship' of the right
President Trump on Saturday threatened action against social media companies saying they were ‘discriminating' against conservatives

Trump Slams Social-Media Companies Over 'Censorship' (WSJ US News)
Used car prices are weirdly spiking at world's largest auto auction, and Trump's trade war may be to blame - CNBC (Google Business News)

Google Business NewsAug 18, 2018
Elon Musk is not a conventional CEO — stop expecting him to be - New York Post

New York Post

Elon Musk's tweet on Tesla going private has drawn no shortage of opinions, and it will be up to federal regulators to figure out whether he overstepped his bounds. Social media is a new frontier for financial disclosures, with the boundaries still to
Elon Musk Confirms Seeing Azealia Banks on His Property

MarketWatchAug 18, 2018
Why real-estate investors should steer clear of Turkey
The Turkish lira has a been on a roller coaster ride in recent days, but political and economic uncertainties abound on the Anatolian peninsula.

Market Snapshot: Stock-market investors weather Turkey storm, but should watch the dollar (MarketWatch)

Google Business NewsAug 18, 2018
Victoria's Secret in decline: Time for more sensible undies? - New Zealand Herald

Fox News

Victoria's Secret parent company is expected to report yet another quarterly decline in sales next week as the sexy lingerie brand continues to lose market share. L Brands, the Columbus,Ohio-based company which owns Victoria's Secret, is likely to
The Sexiest Bikini Pics Of Victoria's

80 percent of millennials worried about Social Security: study - New York Post (Google Business News)

The Motley FoolAug 18, 2018
Tech Stocks This Week: Square Hits New High and NVIDIA Falls
Square's surging Cash App downloads pass Venmo, and NVIDIA's weaker-than-expected guidance spooks some investors.

Stocks To Watch: Alibaba, Target And Energy Plays To Center Stage - Seeking Alpha (Google Business News)

CNBC FinanceAug 18, 2018
These free pop-up clinics help student loan borrowers get out of debt
Want your student loan diagnosis? New debt clinics offer answers

MarketWatchAug 18, 2018
Ignore Trump and Musk — here's how to find companies whose CEOs think long term
Companies including Amazon, Tencent and Winmark have shielded themselves from short-term thinking, writes Michael Brush.

Google Business NewsAug 18, 2018
Alibaba: Buy The Dip Into Earnings - Seeking Alpha

Despite having incredibly strong fundamentals, Alibaba has dropped by about 20% in the last 2 months. The company just grew revenues by a staggering 58%, and is expected to outdo itself this year. Remarkably, the stock is only trading at about 20-22

Should You Buy Cisco After Its Post-Earnings Rally? (Yahoo Business)

MarketWatchAug 18, 2018
NewsWatch: Meet the tech-savvy upstarts who think they can finally give Realtors a run for their money
At a time when internet technology, the "sharing economy," and penny-pinching households have remade nearly every consumer experience from trading stocks to buying plane tickets, ShowPal and a few other upstarts like it may be the answer to - finally - modernizing the buying and selling of real estate.

Google Market NewsAug 18, 2018
Tri-County Electric Vote on Board Members, Bylaws Draws Over 1300 People -

Columbia, SC (WLTX) - — More than 1,300 people showed up to vote at a Tri-County Electric Cooperative meeting to decide whether or not to remove the co-op's remaining six board members. Three former board members resigned in May. This has been an ...

MarketWatchAug 18, 2018
Meet the tech-savvy upstarts who think they can finally give Realtors a run for their money
At a time when internet technology, the "sharing economy," and penny-pinching households have remade nearly every consumer experience from trading stocks to buying plane tickets, ShowPal and a few other upstarts like it may be the answer to - finally - modernizing the buying and selling of real estate.

WSJ US NewsAug 18, 2018
Trump Says He Allowed White House Counsel to 'Fully Cooperate' With Russia Probe
President Trump said Saturday he gave White House counsel Don McGahn permission to cooperate extensively with the special counsel's investigation into Russian interference in the U.S. election.

NYT: White House counsel McGahn cooperated 'extensively' with special counsel probe - CNN (Google Business News)

Google Business NewsAug 18, 2018
Postal worker finds huge 8-foot python lounging on Kansas mailbox - Q13 FOX


OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- A python lounging over an Overland Park mailbox was the talk of the neighborhood Friday. Neighbors told WDAF the 8-foot-long snake wrapped itself in the home's railing and over a mailbox. A postal worker discovered the ...
Kansas Postal Worker Finds Giant Boa Constrictor Wrapped Around Mailbox

Kansas Postal Worker Finds Giant Boa Constrictor Wrapped Around Mailbox - Yahoo News (Google Business News)

Google Market NewsAug 18, 2018
Airlines are using these 5 planes to replace the Boeing 747 jumbo jet - Business Insider

Business Insider

The Boeing 747 jumbo jet's days as a passenger plane are numbered. In fact, Boeing admits that the future of the 747 is as a cargo plane. Over the past few years, many 747 operators have either retired or made plans to retire their jumbo jet fleets.

Yahoo BusinessAug 18, 2018
5 Reasons I Bought Facebook Stock (Again)
Its post-earnings plunge seems like a great buying opportunity.

HUD brings complaint against Facebook for allowing housing discrimination on platform (MarketWatch MarketPulse)

Google Business NewsAug 18, 2018
Elon Musk: Tesla could produce a $25000 car in around 3 years - CNBC


Elon Musk suggested it could take Tesla "maybe" three years to come up with a low-cost version of a car, even as he admitted it was "really tough" to do so given economies of scale. Amid recent turmoil surrounding Musk's stated goal to take Tesla
Elon Musk Details 'Excruciating' Personal Toll of Tesla TurmoilNew York Times

CNBC BusinessAug 18, 2018
How Google has stepped up its efforts to makes its tech more accessible to the disabled
In recent years, Google has become much more deliberate about baking accessibility into all its products and making technology to help disabled people navigate the world around them.

Yahoo BusinessAug 18, 2018
The latest rumors about Apple's upcoming iPhones are here — here's what's new (AAPL)
Two of the phones could get Apple Pencil support, according to the report. A new set of iPhone predictions is out from TrendForce, a market research firm focusing on computer components like DRAM and NAND Flash. TrendForce believes Apple is preparing three new iPhone models for a launch this year, matching previous rumors and predictions.

Forbes HeadlinesAug 18, 2018
Breaking Down Cristiano Ronaldo's Serie A Debut For Juventus
Juventus eventually beat Chievo 3-2 although Cristiano Ronaldo did not score as Serie A kicked off the 2019 season. But how did Ronaldo perform generally and how well did he link up with his new teammates?

Washington Post BusinessAug 18, 2018
Federal judge dismisses lawsuit accusing HUD Secretary Ben Carson of dismantling Obama-era fair housing law
A federal judge on Friday threw out a lawsuit against Housing Secretary Ben Carson and his agency, dealing a blow to advocates challenging how the Department of Housing and Urban Development enforces fair housing laws.

Google Market NewsAug 18, 2018
McGahn, White House Counsel, Has Cooperated Extensively in Mueller Inquiry - New York Times

New York Times

WASHINGTON — The White House counsel, Donald F. McGahn II, has cooperated extensively in the special counsel investigation, sharing detailed accounts about the episodes at the heart of the inquiry into whether President Trump obstructed justice, ...
NYT: White House counsel McGahn cooperated 'extensively' with special

White House Counsel Has Cooperated Extensively With Mueller's Obstruction Inquiry - New York Times (Google Market News)

MarketWatchAug 18, 2018
NewsWatch: The questions every investor should ask about Trump's proposal to radically change how companies report earnings
Most investors and analysts argue that shareholders need more disclosure from the companies they invest in and not less.

Google Business NewsAug 18, 2018
Forget about Tesla going private — there's still time for Apple to buy the company - Business Insider

Business Insider

The circus maximus of Tesla's go-private plan has been with us for about two weeks. I've already pointed out that we shouldn't be surprised that Elon Musk doesn't want to be the CEO of a public company anymore, but to be honest this thing has gotten
Elon Musk Details 'Excruciating' Personal Toll of Tesla Turmoil

The Motley FoolAug 18, 2018
Intel's Memory Business Is Still Losing Money
Intel's third-largest business hasn't turned an annual profit since 2015, but this could change in the second half of 2018.

Yahoo BusinessAug 18, 2018
Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan dies at age 80
Kofi Annan, a charismatic global diplomat and the first black African to become United Nations secretary-general who led the world body through one of its most turbulent periods, died early Saturday at age 80. At U.N. headquarters in New York, the U.N. flag flew at half-staff and a bouquet of flowers was placed under Annan's portrait. Annan spent virtually his entire career as an administrator in the United Nations.

Kofi Annan, Former United Nations Secretary-General, Dies at 80 (WSJ Asia)

The Motley FoolAug 18, 2018
CEO Eddie Lampert's Latest Bid for Sears Holdings' Assets Is Bad News
Lampert's ESL hedge fund is interested in buying the Kenmore brand and Sears' home-improvement business for nearly $500 million. But that's not enough cash to keep Sears Holdings alive for very long.

Automotive News Breaking NewsAug 18, 2018
VW's Diess learned about emissions software months before scandal, report says
VW CEO Herbert Diess was told about the existence of cheating software in cars two months before regulators blew the whistle on a multi-billion exhaust emissions scandal, a German magazine said.

USA Today MoneyAug 17, 2018
Facebook allows landlords to discriminate on housing ads, HUD charges
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development said Facebook violated the Fair Housing Act because its targeting systems allow advertisers to exclude certain audiences, such as families with young children or disabled people, from seeing housing ads.        

MarketWatchAug 17, 2018
Market Snapshot: Dow logs highest close since February on optimism over trade talks
U.S. stocks gain for a second session Friday with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing at its highest since February as optimism that the U.S. and China will eventually resolve their trade standoff offset fears about Turkey's currency crisis.

Brad IdeasAug 14, 2018
The Spot Market in Parking
Topic: Robocars

There are a lot of parking apps out there. There are apps that:

Tell you what lots are out there and list their prices for your parking period Tell you that and let you reserve a spot, and pay with the app Let you do that and even access the parking lot with the app (lot gate is opened over internet or wifi.) Let you pay for metered parking with the app or a phone call Let people rent out private parking spaces they aren't using, sometimes with a sensor that can tell if the space is free Let people report free street spaces, or automatically report them when they leave them At CES, I met a company working on street parking, creating sensors that could be put on street lamps and other poles with power to detect if street parking spaces are in use. From this, they plan to direct drivers to streets that have available spaces. The problem is that street spaces often vanish quickly, so they best you can do is direct people to blocks that have a few spaces -- which are often further from where you want to be. You can at least guide drivers away from streets that are fully in use.

We're moving to a world where a lot of the available parking will be managed in some way in a computer database, which will know when spots are taken or free, and may be able to sell them or reservations on them. Today, lots will pre-sell parking or allow it to be reserved, but they usual

WSJ AsiaAug 05, 2018
Samsung Tries to Navigate Through U.S.-China Trade Crossfire
The U.S.-China trade fight has put South Korea's Samsung Electronics in an uncomfortable spot. Its challenge: to manage its ties to both countries without getting caught in the crossfire, even as U.S. tariffs threaten its sales of home appliances and device components.

HBS Working KnowledgeJun 20, 2018
Show or Tell? Improving Agent Decision Making in a Tanzanian Mobile Money Field Experiment
Mobile money is popular in developing economies but many agents do not maintain proper inventory levels. This paper, based on a study of 4,771 agents in Tanzania, shows how training and ongoing guidance improve their inventory management. Agents who get in-person training and explicit inventory recommendations tend to stock out less.
Trumpcompanies slams social-media Used car
ChinaSouth Korea fear shadow
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Turkeyinvestors should real-estate steer clear
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