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1. Tams Bixby CEOExpressSelect Member
     (11/2/2017 12:49:31 AM)
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First off, I voted "No" and now for the Why ...

"require professional journalists to submit an application to the Indiana State Police. Journalists would be fingerprinted as part of the process and would have to pay a $75 fee for a lifetime license. Those with felony or domestic battery convictions would be prohibited from getting a license."

First -- Who's to say ANYBODY wouldn't:
  • Get a Job as a Reporter; and
  • Profess to be a "Professional Journalist" so as to obtain said credentials; and then
  • Quit and go on their merry way thus defeating the licensing statute since there's nothing stipulated about revoking said License????? (For instance: How many people out there have legitimate J.D.'s but have never in their lives actually practiced Law???)

Second -- What happens If or When a bonefide Journalist switches jobs (from one journalistic employer to another) and is required to move out of state?????

Third -- What about:
  • Retirement; or
  • Legitimate Changes of Profession. How do you handle those scenarios???

Fourth -- What constitutes a legitimate Journalistic Profession. Is a Writer doing research for a book deserving of credentials (i.e. Dan Brown, Tom Clancy, Steven King, J. K. Rowling, etc.)???

The better solution to the problem is to:
  • Pass Laws w/ appropriately harsh penalties against publishing, or causing to be published, any articles on any platform, that are provably FALSE; and then
  • Vigorously Prosecute the journalist, or journalists, and the publishers as well who break those laws; while
  • Publishing in one or more (Inter)NATIONAL platform(s) the trial for the entire country to take notice.

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