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1. Noel Meyer
     (11/2/2017 5:48:16 AM)
     Message ID #292828

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First - good analysis Tams. All good reasons NOT to license journalists. Add to those reasons the simple fact that technology is driving to individuals the ability to record events and any form of 'licensing' is simply a way those in power can LIMIT First Amendment rights.

Second - why is it that Republican lawmakers are pushing such bills? The Velveeta Raccoon is simply at war with those pointing out his failures and indefensible mistakes as he himself tries to limit the Freedom of the press and efforts to inform and educate the public. In Trump's eyes, his LYING eyes, a dictator's job is simply made easier when there is no FREE PRESS to challenge his takeover of our rights.

Trump has tried to take the media licensing away from NBC affiliates. Is now the time to LEGALIZE such control over the views of a free and independent press?

Third - LIBEL LAWS exist but the burden of proof does not allow such shallow use for criticism to be banned, just criminal action.

Look at Melania's court case, look at Trump's legal fights, the laws are already there, the laws for libalist activities work, now Republicans want to gut Free Speech because it holds their actions accountable?

LOOK at the current Congressional investigation of Google and Facebook and the massive Russian infusion of 'fake news'. D Robb has stated that it is not MEDIA coverage that causes people to fall for 'fake news' but the fake news from fake news sources like social media where anyone can post opinions and not have to support such views. Russian trolls would not be registered and once REGISTRATION of JOURNALISTS takes place that only opens the door of authorities to LEGISLATE still more destructive measures on American rights and freedoms.

If the REPUBLICANS could push control over the Free Press, do you think Muslims would enjoy the rights of such Freedoms? Do you think other minorities would not be silenced as control over dissent grew?
Have we not all SEEN the actions and results of these actions in other dictatorial nations as tyrants consolidate control?

Why not LICENSE who can be politicians? Do you think Trump's qualifications would allow him to be a licensed politician or would his lack of skills and experience prevent him from using his and Bannon's delusions to govern?

You LICENSE firearms to track murder weapons and even that is fruitless task, now Republicans want to equate license 'bump stocks' with minorities right to free speech?

As Andy often asks, "What am I missing?"
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