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1. M Bathurst
     (11/24/2017 6:49:42 PM)
     Message ID #294180

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I am not sure you understand anything.

Every since you arrived; you have put forth nothing but what was handed to you - propaganda. Your agenda is to bludgeon everyone here to your way of thinking. Unfortunately for you and your handlers; there are too many intelligent folks here to buy what you are selling.

You post on everything as if you are an expert on everything. But, the reality is you are simply "stealing" your thoughts/words from someone else. For a long time, you simply failed to attribute your postings to the original author(s); then for awhile you attempted to provide attribution - but, now you have reverted to the role of word thief.

And, your responses are generally verbose, incorrect and too rapid (thus showing the lack of original thought) - no way you are doing your own thinking and writing. Then, through a series of posts (generally stolen from some progressive propaganda machine like the NYT, Daily Kos, etc.), you introduce your next stream of attack on whatever you have been given that day to pontificate upon.

Even when proven wrong, you have never backed down - you, God effing Robb is always correct. Sorry, but you are not.

As for your 28 years in the DOD and later working as a consultant - who gives a flying flipping "f". It doesn't take a defense expert to know that one function specially set forth for the Federal government by the Constitution is the military - the security of the USA. Is there waste and fraud in the military, sure. Should it be dealt with, sure. But, where is your call to deal with waste in fraud in many Federal government functions - not enumerated in the Constitution? Yes, the US outspends most of the rest of the world in terms of military; but, most of the world grossly under spends. Thus, leaving the US to, in a proactive manner, be the "cops" to the world. If not the US, who - China, Russia, Iran, North Korea or some other bad actor? Mr. Big Ears created a void in the security of the world; and, look who stepped in - a number of bad actors. WWII should have taught folks a lesson about being unprepared. And, in today's US society - if China or Russia were to take extremely aggressive steps involving the actual US - most of the folks like you would simply say - let them have it; no big deal. That is why you are terrorist/communist.

You want (actually demand it) respect for your military background and alleged knowledge of defense. But, you never give respect to anyone that has more knowledge in other areas. For example, I was the top Constitutional law student in my class; I have over 40 years in business, working as a tax CPA, tax attorney (in large firms and corporations) and now ran a multiple million company I built from ground zero. And, you want to lecture me on Con Law and taxes; really? The main players here give you zero respect because (i) you give none to anyone - one the most disrespectful folks I have had the mis-pleasure to be exposed to (and trust me that takes some work when you have been at the negotiation table in billion dollar deals with big firm jerk attorneys) (ii) you simply have given none of us a reason to respect you - by character or knowledge.

As for your time at the DOD; as a taxpayer - I want a refund of my taxes - we did not get value for your pay.
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